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Mid to high end restaurant with great views [San Francisco]

Hi .. First timer to SFO in late October and would like one mid to high end dinner with a great view, one great Chinese (not too spiced) one great pasta or pizza and one great fish place ... Not a lot to ask! In our late 50s, world travellers and looking for authentic and not necessarily the most high end places. Thanks from London.

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  1. high end with great view - i'm really not sure sf has any 'great' places with a view... maybe waterbar for pretty good view, and okay fish. one market is also nice, and has big windows, but perhaps too similar to other business-ey places in london.

    chinese - jai yun

    pasta or pizza - farina or una pizza napoletana, respectively.

    fish - cooked fish? if you like raw, and are flexible on this one, a counter-style kaiseki meal at kappa would be my choice.

    jai yun, farina, una pizza napoletana, and kappa are imo the best, but are also pretty authentic shanghaiese, italian and japanese, respectively.

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      also -- even though it doesn't have a view, i'd recommend keiko's a nob hill for a high-end dinner. classic french cooked by a talented female japanese chef.


      keikos a nob hill
      jai yun
      farina or una pizza

      would be my suggestions.

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        Agree with Waterbar as one of the best bets when it comes to view/food combinations. One Market doesn't have much in terms of water views although you can see the Ferry Building, of course. There are plenty of restaurants along the Embarcadero that have some form of nice views, it's just that in many cases, only a small fraction of the tables have those views, e.g., Boulevard, Ozumo, La Mar, etc.

      2. Second on Jai Yun. Unique.

        I was impressed by the food at Epic Roasthouse, particularly the non-steakhouse dishes, which are a relative bargain.


        Cotogna for pizza and pasta.

        Una Pizza Napoletana as the name implies does only one thing, so you have to like that style of pizza.

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            I would very strongly recommend against Jai Jun unless you know what you will be getting there. Unless things have changed recently, not everyone is ready for the price shock in a place with (at best) mediocre decor, (wine and general) service, and portion sizes.

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              I don't think anything has changed except he raised the prices.

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                What are the prices now? Looks like their Web site is not working.

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                  Something like $80 / $98 / $128 / $168.

          2. Sadly, great views and great food do not really go hand-in-hand in San Francisco...

            Your best bet is to head to The Cliff House for a cocktail. Greens has a great view, but is vegetarian and not as good as its hey-day a decade+ ago.

            I would go for the better food and less view, leaving the views for the sightseeing.

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              Sometimes all you see from the Cliff House is fog.

              1. So, as mentioned upthread, Fog/rain may ruin all chances for a view. Some new places that may work - but not ultra high-end:

                Coqueta (on the water)
                El Techo de Lolinda (the old Medjool rooftop)

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                  It's rarely so foggy that bay-view restaurants from around the Ferry Building south have no view. Moderate fog can make the bridge and city lights very pretty.

                  I was talking about the Cliff House, which is on the other (ocean) side of town. You can often see the wall of fog over the Richmond and Sunset from other parts of the city.

                    1. For all the aformentioned reasons there are few view restaurants in the city in general, and good ones almost none.

                      Not mentioned: Slanted Door
                      There's one fisherman's wharf place where I _very_ occasionally go for a beer and a view. But I've just looked around on Google Maps and there's this huge boudin building in about the right place....

                      Now, the other point:
                      There's a lot of great views on public land. Like the Marin Headlanes overlooks. Or the top of Angel Island, accessible from SF by ferry,

                      That's a picknik and a bottle of good wine. Nothing could e better.

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                        Is there a view at Coqueta? Anyone?

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                          Yes. There's a bay view. There's some pictures on yelp. Not all tables will necessarily have one.