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Jul 16, 2013 08:02 AM

Virginia Mountains Restaurants?

My wife and I will be staying near Front Royal and moseying down the Skyline Drive and BRP toward Galax. Are there any restaurants that we shouldn't miss? I'm especially interested in out-of-the-way, nobody-but-the-locals-go-there type places. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, The Lodge at Peaks of Otter, lots of places in Roanoke - do a search on here, Oddfellas Cantina in Floyd, Chateau Morisette near Floyd, Villa Appalachia near Floyd for some great wine and ocassional wood fired artisan pizza.

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          Blue Mountain Brewery is fantastic. I recommend the local bratwurst and apple pizza!

      1. Little Grill Collective in Harrisonburg, Red Hen in Lexington, the Quarter in Roanoke, Violina in Winchester, and Graves Mountain Lodge Restauant in Syria.

        1. Appreciate this thread. We've driven the full length of the Parkway and the Skyline before and, next trip, hope to spend much more time in the towns on either side of it.

          We''ll be stopping a couple of nights in Galax, hoping to catch the show at the Rex. Is there a "not to miss" restaurant in town? I have already pencilled in the Galax Smokehouse - mainly because I can't get enough BBQ when visiting this part of the world. Particularly looking out for local "mountain" cuisine.

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            I think the Smokehouse is your best bet. Their fried chicken is good too. Galax is tiny, so there aren't many options. Be sure and check out the nearby Blue Ridge Music Center.

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              Will absolutely check out the Center. We stopped there last trip and, since then, they've started have lunchtime music sessions each day. Perfect.

              Good to hear the Smokehouse is worthwhile. Last time, we had one of the worst meals of our lives at a buffet place at nearby Hillsville. Simply vile! And to think we chose the independently owned place over a Shoneys (?).