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Jul 16, 2013 07:31 AM

Bummed out after Nauset Beach Club dinner.....

I've been wanting to check out NBC for a while now. My DH wanted to take me for a special celebratory dinner for a recent career milestone, and I waited until we were on vacation, choosing NBC for the festivities. It always gets such great reviews here on the boards....but overall we were quite disappointed.

Shared the eggplant appetizer, and this was the warning that things would not be great. Sliced too thick and a bit undercooked...ugh. But we decided to let it go. For salads we had a caesar and the warm baby artichokes. The Caesar was fine, but the baby artichokes were also quite underdone and were not properly trimmed, so that the remaining leaves were quite tough and difficult to chew. I ended up leaving half of the dish on my plate, and when it was picked up by our server I informed him that he may want to relay to the kitchen that they were undercooked. He returned a few minutes later and said that the message was apology or other indication that anyone really cared all that much.

Finally, the entrees. DH had the homemadeand ravioli, which were supposed to be filled with ricotta and caramelized carrot in a brown butter sauce. The pasta was on the thick side and was filled with ricotta and a few shredded carrots. The whole thing was sitting in a pool of oil, with a couple of roasted tomatoes pluncked in the center. Very heavy and unappealing. I had the salmon with fennel, chard on polenta. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the chard and fennel were great. The polenta was a cold brick that lacked any flavor whatsoever, and was obviously cut from a premade pan.

We passed on dessert.

With a couple of glasses of wine, a cocktail, tax and tip, we were out $140 for this disappointing experience. Sigh.

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  1. Sorry to hear. Thanks for "taking one for the team".

    Next time you're up for a splurge and want to celebrate, trust me on this, go to 28 Atlantic. We were there again this past Sunday night and OMG...I'm still blown away. Expect to pay a bit more yet you'll get rewarded thoroughly.

    1. Oh so deserved a great experience. I stopped going here due to the holier than thou attitude of the waitstaff and the complete indifference..seems things are the same..

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        Thanks for the's always a relief to see that I'm not the only one. I wish I had inquired first *before* going. Live and learn!

        1. re: Science Chick

          Thanks for reporting, though. So many don't. By doing so, you have probably saved many from suffering through the same fate as you.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            We have eaten at NBC many times over the last dozen years or so and often had our best meal of the season there, but not always. A few years ago the quality dropped off noticeably, then recovered and we had great experiences the past two years. Our one outing this season was below their best standards, a salad had some indifferent romaine and the halibut catch of the day was over cooked. When they are at the top of their game the results can be superb, but the kitchen and servers did not seem to be at their best this week, a bit disappointing.

            Most good restaurants go through their ups and downs, apparently Nauset Beach Club is not currently in one of its up periods.

      2. I used to go there fairly often when I worked in Orleans but haven't been in awhile. I will note that my cousin was working there this summer (until recently) and had very few nice things to say about the place.