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Jul 16, 2013 07:05 AM

Seafood Lunch between Airport and Turo?

We'll be landing at Logan at noon and driving to Turo. Can you suggest a good place to stop for lunch on the way to Turo? Thank you!

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  1. Assuming your destination is Truro on the Cape, definitely go to Mac's Shack in Wellfleet (town before Truro) for some pristinely fresh seafood, raw bar and sushi. If you can't wait 2+ hours to eat the day you land, definitely check it out at some point when you are down there.

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      +1 on Mac's! Delicious.

    2. That's a haul.. I assume you'll want to eat near Logan.. and then head through the Ted Williams onto 93 S.

      First, depending on what terminal, there are some Legal Seafood's right in Logan. But perhaps you want something more on-the-water. Its not "on the way" but Belle Isle Seafood is close to the airport and tasty. There's also places in Duxbury/Plymouth that might be worth trying.

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        Thanks, everyone. I think we're going to need to eat before we hit Wellfleet. Is there any place of note half way to Truro, like Plymouth area?

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          Southern New England board will be most helpful to you

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            I like Wood's Seafood, in Plymouth. It's a seafood/lobster store that expanded into a restaurant over the years.


            There are a lot of Disney style seafood places on the docks in Plymouth. This one is more real deal.


        2. I guess the first question is what kind of food do you like? Legals would not be my choice regardless of where it is located. There are plenty of places from here to Cape Cod to eat without having to go to a tourist trap like Legal's. If you can wait until you get to the Cape there are plenty of places to stop for great seafood.... Kreme & Kone on Rte 28 Dennnis, Captain Parkers on 28 Yarmouth, Clancy's on Upper County Road Dennis, Baxters in Hyannis...

          I am sure people can recommend great places just before the bridge like in Plymouth or Pembroke or even places after Dennis towards Brewster and Wellfleet... It depends on how long you want to drive before eating... you have a few hour drive so maybe half way would work

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              I'm sorry Meffababe, but directing away from a tourist trap like Legal and then sending him to a LOUSY tourist trap like Clancy's or Baxters or ESPECIALLY Captain Parker's is doing him no favor. Kreme and Kone is okay for that fried food fix among the mass of NY, NJ, and CT. license plates, but Arnolds or even better, Friendly Fisherman are both superior, IMO.

              I agree with the poster who mentioned Wood's in Plymouth, if the OP wants a stop at the halfway point to the final destination. And I would definitely skip Belle Isle. It's okay for the area but pales to what's available in so many places on the Cape. Again, one man's opinion that is not probably shared by many Bostonians.

            2. What day are you coming in? If its Saturday, when rentals turn over, I'd want to be well fed before hitting the traffic backups approaching the bridges..

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                We're flying in on Friday. Our friends have a home in Truro. This is the first time we're flying into Boston to get to Truro.

              2. Someone just asked the opposite question (Cape to Boston) although not seafood specific, but you might want to check it out.

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