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Jul 16, 2013 05:15 AM

summer sausage not Refrigerated

I bought a nice summer sausage and I left it out in room temperature for 2 days. It is in the original cryovac packaging. Is it still safe to eat?

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  1. Summer sausage is made just for that. it is not a worry at all.

    1. Warning. Warning.

      Possibly highly toxic. Lucky for you I am a professional in properly disposing of this kind of hazardous waste. Send immediately to:


      Could you also send a nice brick or colby to further mitigate the toxicity? The Ybor Gold is brewed here in town, so I can handle that.

      1. I'm pretty sure by definition "summer sausage" can be kept without refrigeration. If it's still in it's original packaging and unopened I assume, why would you have any concern?

        Maybe you should just send it to Indianriverfl if you are that worried.

        1. Yes, it's ok to eat. Some stores keep it on a refrigerated shelf while others just leave it out at room temp. So I understand your concern.

          1. Thanks everyone for the advice. I will be having summer sausage and cheese curds before dinner tonight!