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Jul 16, 2013 04:42 AM

Saignon in the Luberon encore. "Le Petite Cafe has arrived!"

Looking for Le Petite Cave the other day... but discovered the new Le Petite Café. What a delight! Chef/Owner Andrew has moved just up the street to Place de L' Horloge and created a charming new space in an equally old building on the corner. Now he has a terrace and a vue too, and a counter inside where you can chat him-up when he has time.It's just down from the now closed hotel. Just as inventive and creative as the cuisine at the Cave---but in a less formal ambiance with a less formal menu for lunch and diner. For lunch his take on Wraps--smoked salmon or chicken curry, and a vegetarian invention with feta and grilled vegetables. All served with homemade frites...a rare find these days-- and only 12 Euros. Salads and Tapas too... and a very exciting dinner menu typical of Andrew's culinary inventiveness as noted by Michelin and other food bibles -- and for only 25 Euros. Look forward to our return to sit under one of his pink umbrellas and enjoy the stare value. Certainly an exceptional find anywhere...but particularly in the Luberon.

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  1. We were a party of 6 last night at le Petit Café. Having had a conversation with Andrew when I made the reservation - comparing his new format to la Petite Cave - we were all quite surprised to see the 'cash only' sign when we arrived. (This fact should have been mentioned, especially since la Petite Cave took credit cards & there are NO ATMs in the small village of Saignon. Fortunately we all had enough cash.) The menu was €29 and consisted of a buffet salad bar, a choice of 'colin' (hake) or braised pork belly for mains, and 3 dessert choices. Although the mains were very good, the lemon curd dessert was too solidified to be enjoyed by the 4 who chose it (& left it unfinished). The soupe aux fruits rouges & the chocolat fondant were good but fairly standard. The only choice to be made on the (house) wine is whether you want white, rosé or red - and at an average of €25/bottle. We might try the salad/tapas lunch there one day if we're in the area, but, sadly, probably would not make the 50 minute trip for dinner.