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Jul 16, 2013 04:11 AM

Atlantic City Nj

I have to spend a few days in Atlantic City on personal business, my first time there. I'd be grateful for any recommendations on places to stay and nice, relatively quiet places to eat. Seafood would be my first choice, and I've been told Bobby Flays has a good steak, so it's another option. If I can get everything attended to in two days, I'd have the option of exploring some other beach towns. I'm not a gambler, but I hear the borgata is nice as far as hotels go.

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  1. If this is your first time you would want to stay on the Boardwalk. I would recommend either Caesars or the newest hotel/casino Revel. Keep in mind this time of year rooms are going to be rather expensive especially if a weekend stay is required. For seafood I would recommend Dock's Seafood or Harry's Oyster House located in Ballys. All the casinos have steakhouses, everyone has their favorite, and all are kind of pricey.

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      Had the opportunity to dine at Docks Oyster House on Tuesday this week and it was quite nice. Calamari to share for appetizer was OK. I ordered sauteed soft shell crab plate (special of the day) served with a bean and corn salsa, both delicious. My only disappointment was they seem to use a lot of butter many of the preparations. Tastes good, but not heart healthy. Wife had crab cakes, kids had seared scallops and filet mignon. Daughter really enjoyed the steak. No complaints about the scallops, but the crab cakes were a little dry. No dessert and the bill for five, with some beers for the adults, was $210 including tip. A good value considering the portions of each entree, not skimpy. Service was very good as well. We finished in less than 90 minutes and did not feel rushed at all.

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        Should have listened to your advice!!!! More to follow!!! I don't mind "rather expensive" I do mind if it looks like a flea ridden motel room.

      2. The Borgata is a very nice place to stay but keep in mind you are not on the Boardwalk. Micheal Mina's Sea Blue at the Borgata is an excellent seafood place.

        1. Micheal Mina's Sea Blue at the Borgata is no longer open.

          1. Do not miss Whitehouse Subs. Seriously. You'll regret it if you do.

            1. I'll second the suggestions given thus far....I'll add the Knife and Fork into the mix as well.

              As for steak, having been to both Bobby Flay and The Old Homestead......I prefer the latter.

              The rooms at the Water Club are very nice....but be warned, do not touch any bottle or item in the Wet Bar provided in each room.....if you remove any bottle, even just to look at the product or automatically gets billed to your room, even if you place it back.

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                + 1 Knife and Fork.....go there and don't worry about Bobby Flay or Old Homestead!

                Fourunder....did you ever go to Lefty's when it was open? I had been a few times and I really liked the place mostly for it's ambiance. I don't know what happened to it but having any restaurant not in a casino is a risky venture in AC.

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                  Knife and fork does sound like a good place, I checked the website, but wonder if its really busy. As a solo diner, I never mind sitting at the bar as long as the seats are comfortable. I have something against hard chairs for seating. Suggest reservations? Or fly by the seat of my pants.

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                    Was there recently for dinner on a Saturday night. Check out my post on it.

                    Yes, the place is very busy and you should get a reservation, in advance. You can sit at the bar, but they are bar stools -- normal, good old fashioned bar you may not like the hard seating, LOL.

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                    never made it to Lefty's.....but I recall hearing about it for entertainment and the unusual table setting....Bizzaro

                  3. re: fourunder

                    Seriously? What would be the purpose of billing you if you didn't consume it? Sounds like one of my stays at the Four Seasons a few years ago. $200 for the mini bar I never used. Turned out the restocker was stocking his own bar,

                    1. re: Beachwalker

                      If you remove it you bought it! A couple of reasons I can immediately think of are;
                      Tampering, people opening something taking "just a few M&M's and placing the rest back.

                      Potentially opening the M&M's (just for example purposes) and putting a few Advil in the bag as a "joke".

                      People removing things such as a can of beer for $7.00 a can, then buying a six pack later, and replacing what they took.

                      I have no problem with a pay if you remove from the mini bar. Actually for the reasons stated I probably prefer it, sad to say its a troubled world we live in.

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                        Yes, all strong possibilities....I'll also add, they simply do not want you to bring your own and use their refrigerator to keep them cold.

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                        jrvedivici as listed a some strong reasons......I'll also add they may hope you do not notice the additions to your bill. We found out the hard way, but when we brought to their attention we did not consume anything, but were simply looking at the offerings before we saw the tent card provided near the fridge explaining their policy.....they did remove the charge without any complications or attitude.