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Jul 16, 2013 03:02 AM

Skirt steak, etc, in the suburbs?

Any stores carry flank, skirt, hangar, flat iron steaks in the suburbs (especially western), relatively cheap?

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  1. Any particular part of the suburbs? For skirt, try to find latin markets. I've gotten it at Hagberg's in Stillwater, can't recall the price. I've gotten flank a handful of times at Angus in Maplewood. It's $10/lb and frozen, FWIW.

    I'd love to hear some options too, in the N or E burbs.

    1. Is the Wayzata Coastal Seafood still open? If so, they might have frozen individually packaged hanger and flatiron steaks (St. Paul does) for $14.99/pound. The hangers are 6 ounce portions. Don't recall weight of the flatirons.

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        I think they've been gone for a while, sadly.

      2. Costco stocks a pretty decent skirt steak. They are thicker than Aranchera you will find in a Mexican market.