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Jul 16, 2013 02:46 AM

Budget eats in Kyoto

Would readers please share some tips for budget eats in Kyoto? Prefer Japanese cuisine (other than ramen) and can travel pretty much anywhere within the subway network. Thanks

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  1. In the Gion area, we had two fairly inexpensive but really enjoyable meals that I recommend. The first is an okonomiyaki place. If you've never had it - described as Japanese "pizza" - it's worth a try. It was my first experience with it and I loved it. The place is called Tanto and it's right next to the Gion Tatsumi Bridge. The second is Izuju, which is right across from the Yasaka Shrine on the corner. The draw here is Kyoto style sushi, which is very different from standard sushi as it's preserved in vinegar. It doesn't sound good but it is. There's also plenty of cheap eats/snacks in the Nishiki Market (skewers, tofu donuts, sushi, etc.). If you're open to noodles other than ramen, there are tons of cheap options including at least one interesting variation that is unique to Kyoto (I believe) that uses a soy-based broth (Mamezen).

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      There are a couple of places in Nishiki that sell freshly made tamago on a stick. Highly recommended.

    2. We enjoyed Yamachan. Great Nagoya chicken wings and other izakaya fare.

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        Yamachan is distinctive and very "Nagoya" in terms of strong flavors. It is interesting they offer the KInshachi Miso Beer, also made in Nagoya.