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Jul 16, 2013 01:46 AM

Lunch and Dinner Recommendations (Looking for Foie in the summer!)

I'm from SF where Foie its banned so sadly deprived I'm in looking for for lunch and dinner recommendations preferably with foie options. I've eaten at La Belle Vie 2 weeks ago and treated 2 close friends to Chef Tasting and was unfortunately disappointed. Felt like salt was heavy and flavor combinations were aspirational but fell short. Also went to Sancturary and Gentleman Farmer with same mixed results.

I think am thinking Piccolo, Haute Dish, Bar La Grassa, Victory 44 or 112 Eatery. Have been to 112 Eatery and enjoyed it but wanted to try something new but it seems to have the best foie/pate selection. Victory 44 wasn't sure if they woudl always have foie on esp in the summer. Also, none of these have a Friday lunch option which I need preferably in the city. Any recommendations to these or others? Thank you!

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  1. I'm pretty sure that both Vincent and The Strip Club have foie options on their menu right now. I haven't had the foie at either restaurant, but I can say that their other items are great, especiall the Strip Club.

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      Thank you! I went to Vincent many years ago when it first opened and see that it is open for luch. Very classic french. For dinner do you have any recomm from the list above?

      1. re: margaretsanfran

        I'd suggest Haute Dish simply because I think it is unique to MN. It is inventive takes on classic MN cuisine. The Tater Tot Hot Dish and Lobster Mac & Cheese are classic hits around these parts. In addition, the chef there is leading the fight against the same SOB's who want to get Foie banned here.

        A lot of folks will mention Bar La Grassa. Don't get me wrong, it is very good. But I think you'll find a lot of similar concepts in San Francisco whereas Haute Dish might be a bit more unique to MN.

        1. re: Db Cooper

          There is a push to ban Foie here? I'm a vegetarian and have twice helped mallard ducks hatch and transport their ducklings to safety. I'm against a ban on Foie. The guy at Au Bon Canard treats his ducks better than most people treat their dogs.

          1. re: american_idle

            Animal Rights Coalition has been protesting Isaac Becker & 112 Eatery.


            Here's yesterday's info on what Landon Schoenfield at Haute Dish is doing about it, but I must still confess that the idea of hot dish or mac & cheese -- even with lobster -- during this weather is more than I would choose.


            1. re: KTFoley

              Hilarious. At least they admit it's the easiest of their lunatic goals. I'll help anti-protest. Maybe even order Foie just to spite them.

          2. re: Db Cooper

            I know those are Haute Dish's signature dishes but I would recommend avoiding them due to their extreme saltiness, especially the mac and cheese.

            Maybe I caught them on a bad night. I had the three course tasting menu and the only course I enjoyed was the salad.

          3. re: margaretsanfran

            For dinner, you should really try Piccolo. I'm also going to make a guess tha Meritage in Saint Paul might have foie.

        2. Victory 44 does lunch every day except Monday.

          1. Was just at Borough on Monday night and they had a foie dish on the menu (Foie Gras – Seared, Huckleberry, Popover, Pistachio, Tarragon). I've not had it, but I typically like Borough.

            1. Hi All
              Thanks for all the recommenations!!!! I ended up at FIKA's at the Swedish American Institute for lunch which is their cafe and had just phenomenal fresh Swedish haute cuisine. Its unpretentious (looks like an Ikea cafe) but pushed out these beautiful dishes one after the other made of seasonal ingredients and the lightest preparation. Then for dinner I ended up at Haute Dish which only served the Dine about Town menu (they didn't say that in their website) which was the 3 for 30 but had no Foie and there were no exceptions (nothing was prepped :( ). That said - it was an amazing meal for the value and a great recommendation. I was almost tempted to roll down to Bar La Grassa for the foie tortellini but I just didn't have space. I will try them and Piccolo next time. Thank you all for your reocmmendations!!!