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Jul 16, 2013 01:29 AM

Centaur (Detroit)...anybody ever been?

So I must admit that I've looked over their menu quite a bit, and several of their dishes really do appeal to me...on *paper*. There's a decent bit of panache associated with some of the small plates they offer, and I'm wanting to head down there and give them a chance to impress me.

Which leads me to this: if you've been there, what have you had, and did you like it? I'm leaning toward trying the Beef Wellington and/or the Moroccan Lamb Chops and/or the Mini Crab Cakes, but other things could be tempting as well. These seem quite appealing to me, though, and if they were good, I could go back and traipse around the menu a bit more.

Suggestions to try or avoid would be appreciated, as well as any "Just go!" or "Never go there!" commentaries *if* there's listed reasons for said commentaries.


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  1. I can't really say too much about the food because I've only actually eaten there once. I am a fan of their cocktails though and they have/had a couple really knowledgeable bartenders working there. I usually stop by before/after a Tigers game.