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Jul 15, 2013 11:13 PM

Where is Gujeolpan sold?

Where can I find/buy this serving dish called Gujeolpan that was featured in your member receipe "Gujeolpan (Wraps with Eight Stuffings ) 구절판 A Korean Royal Dish Recipe"?

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    1. re: BobB

      Thanks, BobB. Will try this place too.

    2. Is that just a divided serving dish, or is it used to cook in as well? I have a few suggestions for you, I live in Seattle, and we have a lot of small Asian markets, but also have a couple of large Korean grocery stores called HMart, that carry a lot of kitchenwares also. I have shopped there, but I also bought their KimChi Chronicles cookbook and DVD on line, which they didn't have in the store. However, when it comes to cookware, they have a lot more in the stores than they do on line. Check their locations map, if there isn't one in your area, I think I would try to email the picture to them and see if they would find it (I did just put in "Gujeolpan" in the search on, sorry, no luck).

      We also have Uwajimaya stores, which are predominantly Japanese, but carry lots of products from other Asian countries. They are in Washington and Oregon (Hmart has locations in a lot of other states). And we have stores like Ranch 99, plus lots of small ones, that would be likely sources if you're in our area. I would bet that California also has a lot of options, as well as Illinois and New York, or anyplace with large cities.

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        This is a serving dish with about eight compartments. Thanks for your recommendations - will try the stores that you have mentioned. It is also kind of difficult to get in Korea when I was there last year.