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Cremeux Ex Machina - California style gelato at SF Ferry Bldg Farmers Market on Sat - it's Yummy!

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I was at the SF Ferry Bldg Farmers Market a few Sat ago & noticed Cremeux Ex Machina California style gelato table near Craftsmen & Wolves booth.

You can sample all the flavors if you want, they are all really tasty.

Have others hounds tried it yet?

$4 cup (1-2 flavors)
$9 pint

Cremeux ex Machina
Petaluma, CA
Ph; 707-765-1711
website: www.calgelato.com

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  1. Haven't tried it yet. Skimmed through the website, one of the partners says he learned a lot working at Il Laboratorio del Gelato in Manhattan.

    1. I've tasted a few flavors at the market. Initial impression on flavor is positive, but hard to get a sense of texture from a small sample. One of these weeks I need to buy a pint.

      1. I've eaten the blueberry and the basil gelato and had tastes of a few of the other flavors (they change regularly). The texture was creamy without tasting fatty, and the flavors were fresh and true to their names. I definitely recommend trying it.

        FYI, they're also at the Temescal Farmers Market in Oakland on Sundays.

        1. I also checked out their website. The machine they're using is Italian (naturally) with some unique features. It also runs a cool $27K and there is only one other on the west coast.