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Jul 15, 2013 09:45 PM

Fresh NW Berries or Berry products (Marionberries, Tayberries, Boysenberries etc)

Wanted to highlight this as based on a few responses from another thread, the markets don't seem to carry these. Is there a place where these are available? Or a good local jam company which does good things with these kinds of berrires?

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  1. Metrpolitan Market carries Tayberries

    1. Spooner Farms has marionberries available. They have a stand in Seattle (most of their other locations are in Thurston County) on 35th NE north of the Post Office.

      1. There were tayberries at the University District Farmer's Market last Saturday. There may have also been boysenberries and/or marionberries, but I didn't notice them. The Farmers Market website is listing marionberries as being available this week, though I'm not sure at which markets, exactly. I bought my tayberries directly from Biringer Farms this year.

        Woodring Orchard at Pike Place makes a wide variety of berry and non-berry jams and butters.

        1. I doubt these berries could stand up to the distribution system that gets them to large grocery stores, so you're probably only going to see them at farmer's markets or local groceries that work with growers. I bought amazing boysenberries and tayberries from Schuh Farms at the Phinney Farmers market last Friday. They were the only vendor at the market that had them. These also seem to have a pretty short season so get them while you can. Schuh Farms also sells jam they make from their berries.

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            Many thanks, will follow up with them. Is the Queene Anne market the only market on thursday close to downtown?

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              On Thursdays there's also a floating farmers market on a boat in South Lake Union, I think 11-3.

              The QA farmers market is distinct in that it has lots of food trucks as well as stands. These include distinct Seattle vendors, including (this week) a truck from the owner of Walrus & Carpenter:

              I feel very lucky to have this gift every Thursday blocks from my house. If you show up, Tigerjohn, look for a 5-year-old running around in a homemade [changes each week] costume and come say hi to the mother occasionally looking over to make sure he's okay as she eats fried oysters and his discarded pizza crusts. However, I can't promise you marionberries.

              1. re: sweetpotater

                Going to give it a shot and will look out for you. Moving in the direction of renting a car to be able to access more.

                Any parking tips for Melrose Market, Downtown and Ballard?

                1. re: tigerjohn

                  Downtown: Usually I find a street spot uphill from the market (1st Ave, side streets); if it takes more than 5 minutes, suck it up and pay for a surface lot.

                  Melrose: Street parking, may take a couple minutes.

                  Ballard: The places you are going, easy street parking.

                  QA market: Easy to find a spot 2 blocks away

                  Just make sure to pay. (We have those meters that give window stickers. You can leave the sticker on and valid from spot to spot, but I am not sure about neighborhood to neighborhood.)

              2. re: tigerjohn

                Interbay Farmer's Market?
                Pike Place Market organic vendors on the bricks.

            2. Hi, John:

              Lenning Farms in Skagit Valley is my go-to for berries, and they usually have some more exotic offerings, including the 3 you mention and others. In the past they have had lingonberries and golden raspberries (which put the reds to shame for flavor).

              I would call them and see if they are supplying any farmers' markets, stands or stores closer to Seattle.


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                Many thanks. I will follow up with them.