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So long Norm's SaMo

john gonzales Jul 15, 2013 09:42 PM

Between being cheap, wasted, hung-over, and companion to an 87 yr-old mom, I've logged quite a few meals at old Norm's in Santa Monica. I went today for a send-off $7.99 turkey plate. Wednesday will be their final day. Not exactly paving paradise to put up a parking lot, but there are two big developments planned for the the SE and NW corners as well as the train. Couple that with the back-up for the Lincoln 10-exiting traffic and that corner is going to be a mess.

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  1. wienermobile RE: john gonzales Jul 15, 2013 09:48 PM

    Denny's is leaving too.

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    1. re: wienermobile
      john gonzales RE: wienermobile Jul 15, 2013 10:14 PM

      Denny's I won't miss. Though yes I knew they were going to get scraped too. I'll actually miss Norm's, These days the food there is actually better and even less expensive.

      1. re: john gonzales
        Servorg RE: john gonzales Jul 16, 2013 07:52 AM

        Swinger's will still be there...although if that's a good thing or a bad thing I'm not quite sure. I went for breakfast at Swinger's maybe a year ago or so and it was pretty meh, verging toward bad.

    2. mucho gordo RE: john gonzales Jul 16, 2013 09:21 AM

      You'll still have the Norm's on La Cienega, won't you?

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      1. re: mucho gordo
        Servorg RE: mucho gordo Jul 16, 2013 09:36 AM

        Closer Norms on Pico just 2 blocks east of Sepulveda.

      2. cagey RE: john gonzales Jul 16, 2013 03:25 PM

        That block lost its allure for me when the Penguin called it quits. Too bad. Many memories of woozy breakfasts in norms (when I thought my steak n eggs was a spare tire with some grease on it). And no, I don't miss the crush of bay cities either. Wonder how they will cope with the influx?

        1. c
          carter RE: john gonzales Jul 17, 2013 11:00 AM

          That corner lost its allure many many years ago for me.
          But if there is any good news, maybe the two new projects will have better dining options than Norm's or Denny's as ground floor tenants.
          And even ones with quality wine lists with plausible

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          1. re: carter
            john gonzales RE: carter Jul 17, 2013 11:37 AM

            Yeah. Norm's is in part nostalgia for me, and in part still a viable option for fast, easy, and cheap lunches with the aged mom. I have a stange dining dichotomy. I'll eat at Melisse etc., but still have a soft spot for a greasy $5.99 breakfast or the half a lightly meated turkey sandwich, cold iceberg salad with bleu cheese, and below average gumbo plus a soda for $5.99. A better dining option would in no doubt be a plus, but there isn't much in the Norm's niche.
            The problem with central Samo to me is not the need for more selection. There is plenty. The congestion, which will no doubt be worsened by more large development is at a breaking point for me. Getting to somewhere in that central area is a friggin disaster.

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