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Jul 15, 2013 09:17 PM

Morgan's BBQ in Prospect Heights

New BBQ place opening on my block in a few weeks allegedly... Looks interesting at a minimum!

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  1. they are presently looking for bartenders, waitstaff, and cook.. chef must be in place,or the owners will be the chefs as they have not had an ad out for a chef, or Pitmaster

    1. Nobody else been yet?? we took out some very good food last weekend, pork ribs and brisket. Lord knows I am not a BBQ specialist, but it was a good rub, plenty of smoke, tender meat.
      The brisket (they offer fatty or lean, we had fatty) was really excellent, full of flavor. They did not have their beef ribs yet (this was a week ago) - looking for a chance to try these, since I feel like their formula worked better with the beef than the pork.

      Sides are pretty expensive - the slaw is great with the meat and the mac and cneese is rich and creamy. NIce folks, good country music, beer and wine may be there by now. What a great add to the neighborhood

      1. Went last night and everything we had was very good. Mighty Quinn is my favorite and while this doesn't beat it I did like it very very much and being close to my house will be my go to over dinosaur and fort reno both of which are closer.

        Fatty Brisket - very fatty, heavy on the pepper. Excellent flavor tho it could have come out a bit warmer. Some people may complain it was too fatty. I dont care about those poeple. The meat was excellent.

        Pork Ribs - Excellent, moist and toothsome but not chewy at all. Again a good amount of black pepper that a couple people may not like. I liked these better than Dino.

        Collards - top notch, a little spicy. Super good I could have eaten them as a main course.

        Mac Cheese - got the mushroom one from the mac and cheese place which is somehow part of the place but you order separately. It was great. Cremini mushrooms, Gruyere, fried onions spinach..

        Corn Bread - a bit of a kick, tasty.

        They were out of beef ribs, which I would have ordered.

        I will def return, hopefully by then they will have at least beer and wine.

        1. Visit #2 - took out more fatty brisket and one of their beef sausages - both very tasty - and two excellent sides of red chile (good flavor and meaty but also quite salty) and very well falvored pinto beans. The cornbread looked good but the price was too high for a little square of cornbread.
          Still no beef ribs - maybe another week they said, need the right purveyor (they are serious about their meat sources)

          1. Been twice, place has potential but, understandably, not hitting on all marks yet. Meat (brisket and ribs) was slightly lacking in smoke flavor and the ribs were overdone and completely coming off the bone. They also go heavy with the pepper in the rub, you may or may not like that. Sausage was pretty good. Collard greens were awesome, some of my favorite. Had a chopped brisket sandwich at lunch from the take out counter. Served on a hamburger bun w/ cole slaw and sauce already on the sandwich, the thing was a complete soggy mess by the time I walked 5 min. back to my office. Stick to dinner for now. I think with time going to see improvement in the meat and will be a great option. Right now I still find Dinosaur to be a better option given the consistency of their product but time will tell and I will certainly be back.

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              They have take out for lunch on weekdays?

              1. re: Barry Strugatz

                They have an Elbow Room takeout window where you can get either a pulled pork or chopped brisket sandwich (and any of the mac n cheeses). If you are travelling far, might want to ask them to put slaw/sauce on side. Not sure if they are going to open for lunch or possibly expand the options at the window.

                1. re: offtheeatenpath

                  not sure about weekdays. Ive ordered takeout at the bar in the evening - walked down last night to see if their printed menu (which changes) has current opening times sice their website and facebook page are inconsistent. I would email or call to check.

              2. re: offtheeatenpath

                I went again and the brisket and beef sausage were excellent. Also tried a bite of turkey, surprisingly good and moist. Collards lacked the vinegary/spicy kick from the previous time. I didn't see any of the Elbow Room mac n cheese on the menu and the regular is pretty pedestrian and borderline awful, go figure. Corn bread is great, it's very moist and dense, almost like cake, I dig it. Open tables the whole time I was eating from 6:30 to 7:30 last night. I think I have a decided preference for Morgan's over Fletcher's and it appears to me to be slightly more affordable.

                Next stop Hometown.