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Cooking with kids

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I love to cook. And what I always wanted to do was to teach some kids how to cook. What should I do?

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  1. Sorry for the sassy first reply, but look into some big brother/big sister programs or mentoring programs in your area. Plenty of time to be a positive roll model while bonding over rolling out pasta or chopping veg.

    1. Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but my local 4H does cooking classes for kids that are wildly popular, and they're about to expand to a Cloverbuds (4-8 yo, I think) class that my 6yo daughter is incredibly excited about.

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        On that note, contact your county extension agent. They are always looking for 4-H cooking leaders or judges

      2. Do you have any nieces or nephews whose parentals are too busy or don't love cooking? I think that would be very satisfying as well though I like the 4H/Big Bros/Sis ideas too.

        1. Started a "girls weekend" with niece when she was about 7-8. Would bring her to my house... sometime after T-Day... to start holiday baking... cookies. We'd make a MESS of the kitchen, but always had fun. She learned how to measure ingredients at an age when she was learning fractions in school... a skill that MOST teens seem to totally forget by 9th grade??

          One time we actually made pop-corn from kernels (in a pot with a glass lid for watching)... she was MESMERIZED!! Also dusted off rarely used waffle iron... she had NO idea what it was before I opened it up. Even then didn't know!?! Kinda sad that the ONLY pop-corn she ever had came from a microwave or movie theater &only waffles came from toaster.