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Jul 15, 2013 08:45 PM

Pirouette or La Regalade St. Honore?

We will be in Paris in about a week's time and would love some feedback on the two options above. Pirouette looks very interesting yet Regalade seems to be an excellent all around option and perhaps one not to miss.

Our last visit to Paris was about one year ago. We are staying in the First but will travel. On that front is the St Germain branch of Regalade the "better" "more comfortable" one of the two?

Overall we are looking for quality of the food (as compared to the latest "of the moment" spot) and are happier going a bit more traditional rather than cutting edge, but all food will do, as long as very good. We also would prefer a more leisurely meal and one where the menu, if set, has more than one or two options to choose from.

Also, if we can get into Frenchie would that trump both spots perhaps?

On a similar note, our last trip we loved Josephine Chez Dumonet. Good classic service, great food. Is there a spot quite similar you might recommend? My wife says "let's return there" but I would prefer someplace new. Chez Georges? Chez L'ami Jean?

And, on the cheese front.....
Do you know if we can carry packaged cheese back into the US? Is the answer that the cheese must be vacuum packed? I had a "poor" experience trying to bring jamon serrano from Madrid back into the US a few months ago, and I should have known better....
Thanks in advance.

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  1. They are all three very different; for us Frenchie & Regalade have dropped off the radar screen but we had a fine meal at Pirouette Friday.

    1. RĂ©galade SH is user-friendly and has wonderful service, but I would not call it destination eats.

      1. Thank you very much for that feedback.

        Is Pirouette the more comfortable restaurant, with arguably better executed food? Perhaps Le Comptoir du Relais as an alternative?

        As for an alternative for JCDumonet ....?


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          What are your requirements for a comfortable restaurant?

        2. Agree with Parigi and JT about LRSH. And am on the fence on Pirouette. Our first dinner there was good; our second was not worth cashing a dinner opportunity. Both are current tourist darlings.

          Ii would stick to your tried and found true Chez Dumonet and certainly L'Ami Jean.

          You may bring in cheese, supposedly only that that is aged 60 days, i.e., firm. It is in your interest to have the seller vacuum seal it. It saves your luggage and the cheese from damage during transit. And, yes!!! Put it in your checked luggage, not your carry on where it might not pass security requirements.

          1. Try Chez Denise. House brouilly is great, inexpensive and avoids CJD's absurb list. L'Ami Jean also excellent.
            LRSH is OK, the original La Regalade was not great last two trips.
            As of April 20, 2011 if cheese is for personal consumption, you may bring in ANY. Whether in saran, paper, or cryopacked does not matter. When back to states last time brought 14 kilos.
            All meat is still a no