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Jul 15, 2013 07:48 PM


Recommendations for a couple of good lunches and dinners in versailles? Looking for mid-price range, great food but not necessarily mind-blowing. Also any good spots for a drink before dinner with a good charcuterie platter or something similar (or maybe that could actually be dinner in some cases).

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  1. Check the threads given to the upper Right; I think you'll find not much beyond Gordon Ramsay's.

    1. Versailles is a lovely, affluent town that I know well from frequent house-sitting for an aunt there. Unfortunately, the deluge of tourists has somewhat dumbed down the restaurant scene. All this just to say you will enjoy it better if you lower your expectations... except for the fab Marché Notre Dame (Les Halles /covered market on Tue to Sat all day with lunch hiatus and Sun morning only + open air market on Tue, Fri and Sun mornings), you will not find the same foodie calibre that exists in abundance in Paris.

      The much hyped "Gordon Ramsay au Trianon" restaurant in the Hotel Trianon Palace passes for the pinnacle of Versailles gastronomy but in my experience is way too expensive (300€ +) for the quality. Also in the same hotel, La Véranda bar/ restaurant is billed as a "more casual" option: the splendid garden and view of the Château de Versailles almost makes the 55€ two-course lunch special worth it. The somewhat stylish and very comfortable L'Angélique on the ave Saint-Cloud is probably the restaurant most favoured by locals... updated French cuisine with very sensible innovations but sometimes without the flair that would make it more stellar ... about 50€ without wine for lunch... probably your best bet for a good meal in Versailles. For a more traditional bistro meal, I'm a big fan of Café des Arts on the rue d'Anjou in the Saint-Louis quartier... good but pretty unadventurous cuisine bourgeoise... usually a great vibe... and cheap (20€) for lunch... open 7/7... if a Saturday, you can also take in the morning bio market next to the Cathédrale Saint-Louis.

      For a pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, maybe just a wander in the side streets, especially rue au Pain, around the Marché Notre Dame to find a place that appeals. I used to like Au Carré on the rue au Pain but haven't been in ages.

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        "La Véranda" - Sorry I was not specific enough about Gordon and the Trianon.
        La Véranda is the place to go; lovelier by far than the "interior" expensive place, looking out on the sheep pastures, not reasonable but better price-quality than inside; I am not a fan of anything else in V.
        Interestingly enough, there are three restaurants at the Etangs de Corot, 10 minutes away by train or I suppose car, where you can not only eat well but walk around the park and lakes afterwards.

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          Three cheers for les Etangs de Corot in Ville d'Aubray... fab way to shake off touristitis

      2. Concur on La Véranda at Trianon...they also serve breakfast.
        Had some good casual lunches in the gardens of Versailles.