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Jul 15, 2013 05:56 PM

Quietest options for Restaurant Week?

I was just looking at the RW website - and, by the way, does anyone agree with me that it's an awful website? Why aren't there better options for narrowing a search? Why isn't there a way to print a condensed list onto 2-3 pages? Why is the site telling me there are 3000 participating Manhattan restaurants?

Anyway, I'm looking for any suggestions as to the quietest of the excellent restaurants. Especially if you can think of any in the Gramercy area - say 13th-24th, between Park and Second.

The quietest nice restaurant that comes to mind for me is Telepan.

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  1. Not in the 'hood you requested, but I nominate Lincoln Ristorante for quiet and civilized with great food and top-notch service.

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      Thanks. Can't believe no one else chimed in, but thanks for bringing Lincoln to my attention, since it wasn't on my radar.

    2. Every resto that's participating in RW has a stack of booklets listing all the other participants, and categorised every way you can think of (except, perhaps, sound levels.)

      1. Actually, Phil, the only ways that the booklets are categorized seems to be neighborhood and cuisine.

        And thanks about Lincoln. I'll keep it in mind for the future, but for the moment, their menu looks uninteresting.

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          How further would you categorise them, fida, apart from noise levels?

        2. Just wanted to mention that Telepan was wonderful. I have to admit it wasn't as quiet as I remembered, but it was all right, the menu was a good one for RW, providing considerable choice, the food was great, and the service was prompt without being intrusive.

          1. Thought I'd float this question again. I'm open to suggestions, but Gramercy area would be great - or even more broadly, from Houston to the 50s.

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              Riverpark. Lunch only for RW this time around.