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Jul 15, 2013 05:41 PM

The Cloisters at Sea Island

Hi folks!
any recent reports about The Cloisters on Sea Island, GA? I'm thinking of staying there wed & thurs night this week. I hoping at least the breakfast (in The Georgian Room?) is special. For lunch/dinner I don't mind paying the premium if the food is fresh/creative. Should we eat out somewhere?

I saw old thread that mentioned some alternatives. Cargo Portside Grill and a few others:

thank you!

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  1. Have you seen this thread? It's pretty recent and would seem to have a lot of good information:

    1. I stayed there a few months ago. But we ate in Darien, at B&J's and at Southern Soul BBQ, not at The Cloister. Southern Soul on St. Simons is a good alternative if you want to get away from the hotel for one night...go early, though, as they tend to run out of certain meats by 6:30 or so....

      B&J's is stellar for fried casual as it can be.

      1. Reviving an old thread..

        Going to a wedding late fall at the Cloister's in Sea Island for a long weekend.
        Any good food at the resort or anything off property?
        Will be in Jekyl island too.

        Will be going to St. Simon for a low country boil..

        Excited to be in this part of the country..looks beautiful and love the state of Georgia!


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        1. re: Beach Chick

          Southern Soul BBQ on St. Simons, close to The Cloister, and B&Js in Darien. Both are reliable. There is not much of CH interest on St. Simons and even less on Jekyll. I did not dine at the resort itself apart from breakfast.

          1. re: erica

            Thanks so much Erica!
            Was the Cloisters worth the $$.
            Having dinner at the Italian restaurant at the resort for rehearsal dinner.
            Jekyl Island looks awesome to eat/drink/stay.

            Will stay in Savannah for a couple of days and look forward to Mrs. Wilkes.

            1. re: Beach Chick

              Oh, in Savannah I ate at Jazz'd, a tapas place. Good vibe, great mussels and lamb chops. Wonderful city for strolling; bring walking shoes.

              1. re: Beach Chick

                The Italian was good not fabulous. Overpriced but convenient and enjoyable. The resort is great. Food so so.

                1. re: janet T

                  Hi Janet!
                  Was the restaurant, Tavola?

                  Really excited to go to this part of the country and doing a road trip from Savannah, to Sea Island/Jekyl island and then back to Savannah to flight home to San Diego.

                  Anyone been to Colt and Alison?
                  Love a great seafood, any suggestions, are mighty welcome!

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    yes Tavola.

                    the only other meals I did at the resort were breakfast. which again was only OK. not quite at delicious as other 5 star resorts. but we (my mom and me) still loved the Cloisters. Enjoy!


                    1. re: janet T

                      Thanks Janet!
                      I LOVE my 5* resorts and the Cloisters on Sea Island is always at the top 10 best list but
                      the $600+ a night price tag, makes me quiver, when I times that by 4 and think that the new Westin on Jekyl Island with points, might be the winner chicken dinner.

                      I can go for a week in Maui, flight and 5* resort with all the mai tai's and Ahi for that $2400.
                      If I can get a $300 a night, would be much more tolerable.

                      ; )

                      1. re: Beach Chick

                        Ha, i completely relate! I'd vote to save for another trip. my mom is elderly so I wanted to really live it up while we were down there ;-)

            2. Sea Island has Opened the Inn which is in the old Corporate offices on St Simons off of Sea Island that is more reasonable than the Cloister, but does give you access to the amenities.

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              1. re: beteez

                ah, good to know. thanks, beteez!

                  1. re: beteez

                    Thread jack but about to do the annual pilgrimage to SSI. Any new places on SSI that are not to miss beetez? I saw Del Sur and Ember on Yelp. Are they good?

                    And Erica, I think some of the places on SSI are definitely chowhound worthy. You note Southern Soul, but Tramici, Tuptim, Delaney's, Sal's, Halyard's, CJ's Pizza, etc. are all pretty good albeit not say up to NYC standards by any means. Sure there is a lot of tourist crap that somehow stays afloat, but for such a small coastal island, I think SSI offers some good options

                    1. re: Dax

                      Ember is good, esp Bahn Mi pizza. Del Sur good but imo over priced. Ga Sea Grill just moved into old J Macs location. Public House @ Sea Palms is new, have not tried it yet.

                    2. re: beteez

                      Booked the Inn at Sea Island and got the last room for the long holiday weekend...saved me $400 a night vs the Cloister's!

                      Can't wait to eat, drink and see the islands..
                      Thanks so much!