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The Cloisters at Sea Island

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Hi folks!
any recent reports about The Cloisters on Sea Island, GA? I'm thinking of staying there wed & thurs night this week. I hoping at least the breakfast (in The Georgian Room?) is special. For lunch/dinner I don't mind paying the premium if the food is fresh/creative. Should we eat out somewhere?

I saw old thread that mentioned some alternatives. Cargo Portside Grill and a few others:

thank you!

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  1. Have you seen this thread? It's pretty recent and would seem to have a lot of good information:


    1. I stayed there a few months ago. But we ate in Darien, at B&J's and at Southern Soul BBQ, not at The Cloister. Southern Soul on St. Simons is a good alternative if you want to get away from the hotel for one night...go early, though, as they tend to run out of certain meats by 6:30 or so....

      B&J's is stellar for fried seafood..as casual as it can be.