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Jul 15, 2013 05:39 PM

Visiting this week, looking for good solid Italian food not best or most expensive

Its been two years since I've been in NYC. Only going to be in Manhattan. Wanted a couple of decent recommendations for Italian food. In the past have been to Inoteca on Rivington, Po, Bar Piti, Peasant, Locanda Verde, Maialino, Scarpetta, Roberto(Bronx) Eataly, Torrisi, Babbo.

Not looking for anything as upscale as Babbo Scarpetta etc. on my radar are:
Da Andrea
Piccolo Angela
Frankie Spuntino
Cucina Corsino
Il Bagatto

Would like to go to 2 for lunch maybe 2 for dinner. Anything to help make a decision or eliminate concerning the above would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Perla is a must. Maybe Lincoln for lunch.

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    1. re: Riverman500

      I, too, love Perla, but based on the OP's list I think Perla might be out of OP's price range.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Is L'Artusi noisy and a scene and cramped. Here good things about the food but photos look busy congested etc.ay want quieter more rustic

    2. Franks in EV(2nd and 5-6th)

      1. I really like L'Artusi, esp. their pastas and vegetable sides.

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          We had a great meal there recently with a group of 6. I got to taste several pastas and they were all delicious. The snap pea side dish was also fantastic as were the roasted potatoes. The steak was just okay.

          1. re: valerie

            of those on your list, I'd say l'artusi is far and away the best. i also like morandi, although in a similar price range prefer perla and il buco alminteri

        2. FYI, Apizz is closed Mondays and doesn't serve lunch.

          L'artusi doesn't serve lunch either. Only Sunday brunch and dinner daily.

          Da Andrea doesn't serve lunch.

          Piccolo Angolo is closed Mondays and doesn't serve lunch.

          Malatesta only serves lunch on weekends.

          Il Baggato is closed Mondays and doesn't serve lunch.

          Lavagna only serves weekend lunch.

          1. Thanks for replies and info. Of those restaurants I've listed and of course I'm always open to other suggestions are any of therm a bit friendlier in terms of noise. Also, when arrive on Tuesday, will be looking to go out for pasta and a glass or two of wine. Any of the places I listed stand out over any others? Thanks

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              Da Andrea- for dinner, not noisy, great food

              Frankie Spuntino - noisy , fun place, food is Ok
              Malatesta- no credit cards, noisy, lots of pastas but nothing great.
              Lavagna- small place, whole fish is a good dish there, pasta is ok
              Morandi- Big place, kind of noisy, sardine pasta is my favorite
              Pulino's- big , noisy, pizza is Ok, pasta is barely ok
              Peppolno- quiet, excellent food, open for lunch and dinner
              Locanda Verdi- could be loud, open for lunch and dinner, over priced, over hyped...
              Crispo- big place, Good solid food. Nothing amazing but very consistent.
              Bar Pitti: you've been there, but why not go back? they have good food.
              Da Silvano: good food, pretty quiet
              PO: you've been there too. I;ve had terrific meals here and some not so terrific. I've been there when it was quiet and when it was obnoxiously noisy. But I keep going back.
              Acapella: quiet, good food
              Basta Pasta: I like their pasta