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Jul 15, 2013 04:55 PM

The Fresh Market [Palo Alto]

New grocery store near Embarcadero and 101 in Palo Alto - checked it out this weekend. Kind of like a cross between Whole Foods and Safeway - evidently, it's been in the works for a while:

The bakery seems pretty good - certainly better than Miki's (R.I.P.), where everything seemed undercooked. The cheese selection was not as large though, unsurprisingly. There was a good variety of produce and it seemed pretty high quality - though not much of it organic. The house orange juice seemed to be a pretty good bargain for the quality (they had samples of it available) at $4 a pint.

2170 W Bayshore Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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  1. Can't believe I missed this one opening. It's North Carolina-based (we had them all over the state). I especially like their ready-to-bake meat items (various stuffed items that are seasoned and oven-ready). Makes for a value-conscious yet fresh meal when you get home.

    For produce, at least in NC, they did a particularly good job filtering out underripe or bruised fruits (better than WF, etc.).

    1. An interesting point about Fresh Market is freeway proximity.

      It's closer for me to stop there on the way home, then to run over to El Camino Real and hit a safeway or Whole Foods or similar.

      Mi Pueblo @ University Ave is close to the freeway but not quite as convenient, and the Whole Foods at Hillsdale is accessible but not on the freeway)

      1. I checked it out tonight, Tues they have special deals saw a sign for.

        Fresh Salad Bar $6.99/lb
        Olive Bar
        Saw Almond Milk i've never seen before, had "New Item" sign by it.
        Nice looking pastries/cakes in the Bakery side
        There's Meats, Deli, Ready-to-Eat Food
        Ready made Sushi
        I got Brown rice Calif Roll $5.69
        American Spoon Strawberry/Rhubarb Preserve $7.99/small jar
        Trappist jams $3.99/jar
        Dr. Brown soda .99c ea
        Vita Coco coconut water on sale 2 for $4
        TFM Gelato Tues special BOGO $4.99/pint
        Lyfe Kitchen frozen items
        Tate's Bake Shop cookies $3.99/bag on sale, reg $4.99
        Chuao candy bars $5.49 - got a bunch, not cheap, but wanted to try it
        Vosges Candy Bar - they got Mo's Bacon Bar $6.99
        Theo candy bars $4.99 ea
        Moonstruck candy bars $3.99/bar
        Godiva candy bars on sale $2.99/reg $3.99
        bulk candy
        Bulk nuts
        Droga candy from LA - not cheap, but rare find. I want to try Put Your Money on Honey Caramels $16 something a box.
        Recchuiti Candy bars/boxes
        Poco Dolce Candy
        $1 coffee by the cup 12oz
        Pom flavors juices on sale 2 for $5

        Charged it. Separate bathrooms in the front on the left. If locked someone in there.