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Jul 15, 2013 04:51 PM

How long have you LA Chowhounders been posting on Chowhound ?

I mean, what year did you get your start on here ?

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  1. My first recorded post is from mid-'06.
    Probably I was lurking for a few months before that.

      1. Oct 13, 2000 was my first post on the Manhattan board.

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        1. re: Porthos

          Wow, 2000.

          So far we have a winner.

            1. re: PeterCC

              Shoot. I believe since either '98 or '99

              i think '98 though.

              1. re: kevin

                I thought it was something like that. So you're the winner so far... ;-)

                1. re: PeterCC

                  well, i asked the question. so i guess i wouldn't be able to include myself as part of the query ?

        2. A lowly year and a few months, though I had always checked CH for years when looking for food recommendations...

          1. only 1 year

            though i've been lurking on n off for a few years because of google searches