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Jul 15, 2013 04:38 PM

Staying in Lenox, ISO special spot for parents 50th w/family


Our family of 13 will be spending a weekend in Lenox to celebrate my parents 50th. We are all varying levels of foodie and include a chef and a vegan (she's on her own, though...) My mom's only stipulation is that she wants to dress up (but not "Wheatleigh up"...).

We grew up in nearby Canaan, NY so it will be a return to our old stomping grounds, but no one is really familiar with the area now. We would like to stay pretty close to Lenox/Stockbridge/W. or north towards Pittsfield, which rules out places like John Adams, Old Inn on the Green, etc. Chez Nous looks interesting, but I suspect too casual for Mom's desires.

Any thoughts?

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  1. What about Cafe Adam in Great Barrington? Their new place is very attractive, and the food is certainly as sophisticated and delicious as ever. Try the website and see what you think ---

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      How about Old Mill in Egremont? They don't normally take reservations but I think they would for a large party like the OP's.

    2. Hm, might be hard to find what you are looking for without traveling a bit. Cafe Adam I agree is very good although distance not all that different from John Andrews or Old in on the Green (maybe 15 minutes difference). If you head south Stagecoach Tavern is also pretty good.

      Within the area you mentioned Chez Nous is good, as is Alta in Lenox, Rouge in West Stockbridge. Also Nudel or Brava in Lenox, Once Upon a Table in Stockbridge. The last 3 are very small though so a large group would be hard.

      Also once you step down from Wheatleigh/Blantyre really none of the restaurants in the area are "dress up." I don't think Chez Nous is more or less casual than any of the other ones mentioned. Not a big fan of most of the other places right in Lenox. Cafe Lucia is ok at best. Used to not like Church St. Cafe although I think they have new owners now and haven't been since then.

      Going north from Lenox there really isn't anything along those lines until you hit Williamstown.

      1. Vacationing there now and the absolute best meal has been at cranwell. Fab food, great wine list, super service and if you sit out on veranda, the view is spectacular.
        Alta was meh by the way. Young servers, just ok food with small portion size.
        Nudel doesn't take Rezes.
        Ate at once upon a table also and was underwhelmed.
        Thinking about going to table six tonight but may just eat at cranwell again.

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          We just ate at Alta and while the portions weren't huge, neither of us came away hungry at all. We shared an app, had two entrees, and shared dessert. I wouldn't say the food was spectacular, but it wasn't bad by any stretch. I was more disappointed with the limited menu. We sat on the patio, and I never went back into the actual restaurant, but it seemed like the dining area was pretty small, and it might be tough to seat a party of 13,especially if Tanglewood is in session.

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            I would not rush to eat at Table Six. We had a less than mediocre meal there with friends who were staying at the inn. Meh food, bland uninspired 90's style dishes, not particularly fresh and not worth the $$.

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              I've eated at Cranwell several times, main dining room and the tavern, and found the food highly unmemorable, not to mention limited menu options. But, it may be the atmosphere the OP is looking for and could handle a large party.

              It has been I think over a year since been at Alta so I hope it hasn't declined. I consider myself a big eater and don't remember any problems with the portion size.

              Thanks for report on Table Six, that's too bad.

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                Unless there's been a radical change in the last couple of months, I agree with Cranwell. Outstanding service and an excellent sommelier.

                In the summertime, we like the "spa selections" on their menu--satisfying portions of deliciously prepared, healthful, local and seasonal food.

              2. Rouge is excellent and has a private room that I think can accommodate 13.