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Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix in a large jar

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I noticed and bought this at Costco recently, though I have no idea how long they've carried it. It makes a good topping for popcorn and, when mixed with yogurt or sour cream, for baked potatoes. I can see it becoming a standby for me when I am turning pan drippings into gravy/sauce, and to season plain breadcrumbs or biscuit batter.

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    1. It's also handy for small households that don't mind a bit of ranch dressing now and then but prefer their salads underdressed: no more mixing up an entire packet then throwing half of it away three weeks later.

      1. My BF swears by it. Now there is a big jar in my spice cabinet. I think he got his at Sam's Club. But it is a 16 oz. container. He has some sort of ranch dressing fetish I think.

        1. Also good for breading chicken breasts - mix with corn flake crumbs (google "hidden valley ranch chicken" for details).

          I am anti-mayo and so I can make my own ranch dressing using milk and yogurt. Yay!

          1. Easy to mix with sour cream for dips. It allows you make it to your taste.

            1. The grandkids like when Mrs G. adds the mix to ground beef for hamburgers.

              1. I also just sprinkle a bit of the powder over a salad-- no fat/white sauce carrier at all-- and let the salt in the mix break down the veggies a bit.