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Jul 15, 2013 04:21 PM

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix in a large jar

I noticed and bought this at Costco recently, though I have no idea how long they've carried it. It makes a good topping for popcorn and, when mixed with yogurt or sour cream, for baked potatoes. I can see it becoming a standby for me when I am turning pan drippings into gravy/sauce, and to season plain breadcrumbs or biscuit batter.

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    1. It's also handy for small households that don't mind a bit of ranch dressing now and then but prefer their salads underdressed: no more mixing up an entire packet then throwing half of it away three weeks later.

      1. My BF swears by it. Now there is a big jar in my spice cabinet. I think he got his at Sam's Club. But it is a 16 oz. container. He has some sort of ranch dressing fetish I think.

        1. Also good for breading chicken breasts - mix with corn flake crumbs (google "hidden valley ranch chicken" for details).

          I am anti-mayo and so I can make my own ranch dressing using milk and yogurt. Yay!

          1. Easy to mix with sour cream for dips. It allows you make it to your taste.