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Oct 21, 2003 02:55 PM

inexpensive lunch in downtown Dallas?

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Hola. A DC chowhound needs your help! I'm taking a trip down to Dallas for a wedding and I need a place to feed myself lunch on Saturday near the Raddison Hotel. I'm not familiar with the city, so the easier to find, the better. I'm up for anything from chicken fried steak to vegetarian Ethopian. Thanks for your help. (And I'm so sad I won't be able to give Lola a try!)

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  1. There are at least two Radissons in Dallas, but I don't think there is one downtown. Do you know which one you are staying in? Will you have a rental care?

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      It's called Radisson Central Dallas...the website claims it's near "Southern Methodist University, Greenville Avenue's nightlife, Mockingbird Station's shopping and dining as well as the West End Historic Entertainment District".

      I plan to have a car, too.

      1. re: CalfFries

        The Radisson you are staying at is not really downtown, but is close to it, especially since you have a car. A lot of the places previously mentioned are relatively close to where you are staying. SMU and Mockingbird Square are actually walking distance from your hotel. Greenville Avenue which is about a block east of your hotel has a lot of inexpensive offerings.

        Bigray in Ok

    2. That's my neck of the woods, so I'll offer you a few choices:
      1) Fried chicken or CFS - Bubba's (on Hillcrest near SMU)
      2) Mexican - Nuevo Leon (on Greenville Ave)
      3) BBQ - Baker's Ribs (on Greenville Ave) or Peggy Sue's (Snider Plaza near SMU) or a little farther away and better - Holy Smokes on Hillcrest a couple of miles north of SMU
      4) Bar with good food - Greenville Ave Bar and Grill (Greenville Ave).

      There are plenty of other good choices, but these are the simplest to direct you to. For your reference, Greenville Ave is a major North/South street located the next major street east of your hotel. Hillcrest is the next major N/S street west of your hotel. Your hotel is on the frontage road to Central Expressway. Take a u-turn on the frontage road to head south. Stay on the frontage road and go to Mockingbird Lane and go east to Greenville Ave or west to Hillcrest. Greenville Ave is loaded with bars and restaurants. You can use to look any of these up and get a map. The hotel should also have someone to provide directions. Enjoy your visit.

      Dave R

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        Very good suggestions, Dave and Scott.

        One inexpensive and quick place for lunch I might add is Izmir Market & Deli (3607 Greenville Avenue 214-824-8484). They make a really good lamb wrap, and have several Mediterranean salads, too. Good Turkish coffee, too.

        Cafe Izmir, a sit-down restaurant owned by the same family, located a block north on Greenville, is also very good, but I believe they are only open at night.

        1. re: Kirk

          Ok, here are some suggestions for an inexpensive lunch actually IN downtown. To follow up on the above mention, Cafe Izmir Mediteranean Tapas-a branch of the one on Greenvile-is in Downtown and quite reasonable, it's located off of Main Street between Akard and Ervay. Also, a new Mexico City style place owned by Monica Greene (famous for her restaurants Monica's and Ciudad) called Pegaso-simple food good and cheap. If you like Greek there is a terrific little mom and pop place on Main called Zodiac. You wouldn't go wrong with any of these.

      2. I second Dave's recommendations of Bubba's (for chicken, but not CFS) and Nuevo Leon. A few other convenient options in a reasonable circumference, depending on your mood:

        Mia's (Tex-Mex)
        Ziziki's (Greek/Med.)
        La Duni (Pan Latin American)
        Cuba Libre (Nuevo Latino/Cuban)
        Liberty Noodle (Pan Asian)
        Cafe Pacific (Seafood)
        Rooster (New Southern)
        Al Biernat's (American)


        1. Since you're from DC, as another person not from Dallas but who has toured "the best of..." on trips with Chowhounds before, I would highly incline you towards a few of the already mentioneds:

          * Bubbas for chicken tenders
          * Holy Smokes for pulled pork
          * Mia's for brisket tacos (not on the menu; you have to ask)
          * Nuevo Leon for their more regional Mexican dishes

          If it were me and I had a car, I'd probably hit all of these in a two-hour stretch (of the belly, that is), but then I'm a fat hog who should be bbq'd himself (hopefully for not less than 14 hours on an open hickory pit). Both Bubba's and Holy Smokes will be quite fast. Mia's and Nuevo Leon are more sit down places, but not slow. And you'll get chips and salsa, of course.