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Jul 15, 2013 03:34 PM

Family lunch/brunch near Millennium Park or Field Museum - Weekend

Hi there! There is an overwhelming amount of helpful information on the board - almost too much for my simple request: one mid-day weekend meal, brunch or lunch, near the Field Museum or Millennium Park and surrounds. I am from Los Angeles, visiting family in the suburbs and dragging them into the city for the day. I refuse to waste a meal in any great food city. We will have an 8 year old with us. She's not a terrible eater, but not super adventurous either. What suggestions do you have for me, wise Chicagoans? Thank you!

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  1. Bongo Room is a fun spot with great, inventive pancakes and breakfast/lunch options. However, it's no reservations so that may be a deal breaker. Two other suggestions are Mercat a la Planxa, a higher-end (but not expensive) tapas restaurant also offering brunch/breakfast/lunch and The Gage, a gastropub with brunch/lunch that's directly across the street from the Park.

    1. Yolk., which is on Michigan and Roosevelt, is on the way from the Roosevelt train to The Field Museum. (Right across from the giant leg statues.) It's got your basic stuff with some additional fun taste combos as well. Breakfast or lunch.

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        Yolk and Bongo Room are about a block apart (Bongo Room is one street West). Yolk is conventional - not bad, just conventional and Bongo Room is pretty unique in their pancake offerings. Just a clarification.

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          One concern is that the places brunch (Yolk and Bongo) recommended will all have a wait of 30 minutes or more for brunch on a weekend and if you're dragging the family into the city i would be leary of making them stand around.

          I would go to a non brunch spot. The Gage is a great suggestion and you can make a reservation. A nice option for very good new american is The Park Grill which is directly in the Millenium Park right under "the bean." Make sure you make a reservation here at the restaurant not the cafe which is a limited menu beer garden set up on the ice rink in the summer.

          If they're adventerous and you're driving I always like a late dim-sum lunch in Chinatown after a quick run thru the aquarium or field museum. This is really only good if you drive--it's a 10 minute ride from museum campus, you can take a cab though. Get a big table and start ordering. My current favorite in Chinatown in Min Hing in Chinatown Square.