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Jul 15, 2013 03:31 PM

Going to burgundy

Travel this October in Burgundy area. Looking for wonderful food, vineyards open to visitors and a nice place to stay. Planning on being in the area for about 5 days

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    1. Depending upon when exactly in October you are in Burgundy, your visit may coincide with the harvest ("vendage"). This may limit your ability to visit some of the smaller vineyards, as it's my understanding they are too busy getting in the grapes to accommodate visitors.

      On the other hand, it is a fun time to visit. See my report, in the thread linked here, of our visit 5 years ago, October, when we stayed at the Hotel Olivier LeFlave, in Puligny-Montrachet (south of Beane). The LeFlave vineyards are large enough that they are open during the vendage, and the village is very charming. In addition to the LeFlave Hotel, there is the Hotel Montrachet (where we had an excellent meal) and 1 or 2 B&Bs (one of which is operated by the people who own the Hotel Montrachet).

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        Just a small correction. It's "vendange", not vendage and more commonly in the plural for a grape harvest... les vendanges.

        And a little BTW. There are lots of mini-festivals and/or communal meals for les vendanges ... the name for these events changes by region but I think for most of Burgundy it's "la paulée"... in Bordeaux, la gerbaude... in the southwest, l'escoubassou (but also used in some other regions including some districts of Burgundy) ... Champagne, le cochelet... etc. For tourists, finding out about a paulée or escoubassou is almost accidental...when driving around, there will sometimes be a temporary sign outside this or that wine-country village showing where and when la paulée or l'escoubassou will be held. In Burgundy, the most famous and most lavish, La Paulée de Meursault, takes place at the Chateau de Meursault in November so will not coincide with this OP's visit.

      2. Thanks Masha I plan to be in burgundy around the 20th of Oct

        1. Your best vineyard visits will be arranged for you by the distributors through your local wine merchant. I recommend that you plan at least half your vineyard visits that way. Because you'll know where and when you're going, and they will be expecting you. This is especially important during vendange. The Burgundy Wine Bureau -- -- also can arrange tastings for you, with or without a tour guide.

          Lots of good-to-great food in the region. Ma Cuisine in Beaune is well-regarded by hounds with good reason. The food and welcome are outstanding, prices are reasonable, the wine list fabulous (and affordable). Reserve in advance. That and other places have been discussed in other recent threads. I recommend you peruse the forum for relevant threads, then come back and ask any questions that remain.

          Fall is the most beautiful time to be in Burgundy, albeit the busiest.

          1. We will be staying at La Chouette in a few weeks. It is a small inn in Poligny Montrachet, super food in the area and easy drive to vineyards. This will be our first stay, so I can't review at this time.


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              Thanks keep me posted Have a great trip!

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                We have stayed at The Owl a couple of time and would still be staying there but now we get a Gite in Puligny. Its a terrific place with breakfast always perfect. Suzanne makes wonderful preserves and jams to compliment the breads and all the other foods which are wonderful. If you can get her to do a dinner, its really outstanding.

                Make sure you do the 28 euro lunch at Thierry and Suzanne's Le Montrachet. He is always on the floor at the restaurant and makes it a special place.

                Puligny is like the perfect village. If I didn't live in the high rockies, I'd live in that village. They redone square, chestnut trees were dying so replaced with lime trees and have 2 petanque courts. Have Suzanne see if she can set you up with a match with a couple of the local ex-pats. Then go sample local wines with Julien at Caveau Puligny.