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Jul 15, 2013 02:52 PM

Lunch near Midway or west

I'm landing at Midway and lunch and heading to eastern Iowa to visit in laws. It looks like I'll be taking 55>294>88>80. I've been to Chicago but don't know the Midway area at all, or anything on the route. Are there any good picks for lunch either close to the airport, or a detour off our route? If there are too many options to name, can you give me the names of neighborhoods/towns that I can then do more research on? Thanks.

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    1. Without knowing if there's anything you'd LIKE to try, or what kind of place you'd like, or what you like to eat, the first place that comes to my mind is Birrieria Zaragoza at 4852 s. Pulaski. Looks like their website is gone, but they have a FB page. A groupon is available for them as well. It's a place for delectable oven roasted goat with handmade tortillas. Totally casual, it's just a joint, really, but they turn out some of the best food in Chicago, imo. Not much more than roasted goat on the menu. I'd go with a platter with consomme. Seriously good eats if you are a meat eater, and you like Mexican flavors.

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        YES times one million on Zaragoza. The goat is spectacular and the Zaragoza family is absolutely lovely.

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          I was about to say this.

          Also, my favorite taqueria, Los Barrilitos at 3518 W 25th. Best al pastor in the city EASY. Other tacos excellent as well.

        2. Yeah, after I posted this I realized I was imagining the airport to be in an industrial wasteland type area with few choices, but for all I know it's surrounded by vibrant neighborhoods with a ton of options. Maybe if people could let me know what areas will have options, and I can follow up with those, that would be better.