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Jul 15, 2013 02:28 PM

Laurelhurst Market

Does anyone have any recent experiences to report on Laurelhurst Market? The last thread I could find is from May and people seemed to be recommending Ox instead, but we don't want to wait somewhere with no reservation.

Any feedback appreciated.

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  1. We've been to LM several times and had very good food every time. Great service and good drinks too (I like the Smoke Signal). Been to Ox once and the wait was not awful (less than an hour, and we got the last seats at the Whey Bar while we waited). We got there early (before 6) though. I'd go to Laurelhurst.

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      Thanks for the input. Made a reso, will report back!

    2. We had a great weekend in Portland and came back fatter and poorer, as usual!

      We arrived on Friday afternoon and had some happy hour snacks at Bridgeport Brewery; great patio! Friday night we had a nice BBQ dinner at Russell St BBQ. The meatloaf and baby back ribs were delicious. After the BBQ we biked over to the very unique "Bike Bar" on Williams St for a night cap.

      Saturday involved the amazing farmers market, Blue Star Donuts, and a big bike ride up through the watershed. The donuts were incredible, I don't know why people would line up around the block for Voodoo when you can have these gems instead. They were so good that my fiancee decided we needed to go back on Sunday!

      Dinner on Saturday was at Laurelhurst Market. The room is warm and lively, and after having a drink at the bar we sat down to eat. I tried a "denver" steak which I had never had before; it was very tasty and nicely plated with some grilled onions and a queso fresco type cheese. I am not used to this type of steak, generally preferring a sirloin type, but I enjoyed it. Fiancee had the shortribs, very tasty. Overall it was a really nice experience and I would recommend it.

      We had an amazing brunch at Tasty N Sons on Sunday morning; the polenta and sausage ragout was one of the best things I have had for brunch, so different and indeed tasty.

      Our weekend in Portland was a complete success and I look forward to doing it again!

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        Thanks for the report!
        Yes many are puzzled at Voodoo's perpetually long line while Blue Star provides quick service of donuts 100 times better, in a clean inviting space with friendly clean staff. My only explanation is suburbanites & tourists who don't know any better, and the triumph of branding & marketing.