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Jul 15, 2013 02:24 PM

Cocina Ecuadoriana Queens

Delighted of experiences I have found myself in within Ecuadorian Restaurants in locations in Brooklyn, I ventured to such in Queens, in Corona.

I been to Corona a few times, and some side streets and even on the main streets no white people. Perhaps a demographic to come to many parts of the US, if you read population projections for this country. One editorial in a recent NYT by David Brooks pointed this out (NYT Nation of Mutts, 6/28/13).

El Dorado 102-02 roosevelt

Just below 103 is was the 目标 (mubiao) or target, a venue I had past days prior, after taking food at one of Castro's rejectionist.

So, the lure of this place was its nature. Ecuador and nothing more.

A TV tuned to the premiere Spanish language station for Latina Americans some distances towards the ceiling by the back. TV News and serial drama can be viewed depending on time of day or night. It is not intrusive at all, but provides some media for the customers.

The kind attractive and intelligence waitress, seeing that I am not of Ecuador or of Latin America, nor Mexicana, brought to me a rather large spoon full of the juice for the Chevichi de Concha Negra (Black Conch), as she knew that this is not something in any form part of an American diet. She did not have to do this, but shows that she takes care in all costumers. I am no taller than an Ecuadorian, but with a Mediterranean look, and no Spanish, its a dead give away.

I ordered this Negro Concha and it was so delicious.

In tandem with this dish, I found it necessary to try a soup. With Blood Sausage Soup, Cow Feet Soup, and Catfish Soup the choices that stand out from the usual soups containing plantain, shrimp, fish chowder, pork or seafood, this was quite a narrowed selection.

I initially opted for the blood sausage and was met with slight distress as if the waitress was again, as naturally so, left to the stereotype that "does he know what that is". Hence she has a good understanding of the American diet....being very boring, and leaving most Americans without the delights of these other foods.

Anyway, I opted for the cow feet soup. I eat much pig feet in Chinatown and in Asia, but the cow feet is something I have found limited to Bangladesh and Dominican places and the like.

This dish, Caldo de Pata, was amazing. There were items swimming in its bottom that looked like some Aztec cultivated things. Large corn like items as well. But the cow feet had a thick delicious clear fat like flesh that was just a joy to eat, and plenty of it. The bones were included.

I am wondering what Julian Assange eats in London, at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Does he order out for delivery? That would be a shame.

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  1. sounds great. what are the prices like?

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    1. re: swannee

      102nd street and Roosevelt Avenue? I'm sure the prices rival La Bernadin's.

      1. re: AubWah

        Very helpful reply, Aub. Some people care whether entrees are $10 or $16. Have you ever been there?

        1. re: el jefe

          You can eat for 8 or 9 .

          Many dishes are shared.

          Find out about 6.99 special, served at dinner time early, as i saw many of the Ecuadorian customers eat this. It comes with a medium sized soup, and then a dish of choice like beef or goat gravey / curry like, and rice.

          They say Lunch Specials $6.99, but again, every other customer got this at about 6 pm.

      2. re: swannee

        The chevichi was one of the two top priced chevichi's at 13.50. the other mixto chevichi is smae.

        Cameron (shrimp) ; Pescado (a type of fish you can google ) are 10. 50

        Soup of cow Feet: 8.50

        The menu follows much of what one will notice as familiar and typical for many of the Ecuador venues.

        Goat meat is easily found in several manifestations, as are the organisms from the ocean or sea.

        Seafood sections is in the International Menu pages, that also include pollo; pork; and Carnes or beef with separate section for Fishes.

        Beginning with the fishes all at 15.50 ; 14.50; two at 17.50 (salmon al Ajillo that is garlic sauce; and Salmon a al Plancha ...grilled with salad.

        15.50 : Steamed whole red snapper and Corvina ala Francesca Covina filet :

        The Ecuadorian dishes (platos Tipicos Ecuatorianos) are from 8.50 for Salchipapas (hot dog with fries) to 16.50 Super Bandera (rice/shrimp/tripe stew/goat meat)

        Pork skin and other items like tripe, and steamed meats of farm animals predominate.

      3. Other than the wide-eyed gringo hyperbole shtick, it's nice to get a data point on one of the increasingly large number of Ecuadorian joints on Roosevelt. I swear they are increasing every month. There are a ton of trucks as well.

        I've enjoyed the black conch and other ceviche at Braulio's y Familia on 63rd. This place got some play on Chowhound years ago. Haven't heard on it lately. I also like Tropical, which has been around awhile and has a branch in the high 60's on Roosevelt, though I usually go to the one in Sunnyside by the church off the L.I.E. They also serve ceviche in big bowls with big long spoons. You feel like a little kid eating cereal on Saturday morning. I like their seco de chivo as well.....Corona though, seems to have a Little Quito or Guayaquil going now. More Ecuadorian and less Colombians.

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        1. re: Silverjay

          Tropical has 4 branches, all in interesting locations. I've been to all 4 but usually go to the one on Jamaica Ave in Woodhaven. I agree about the seco de chivo and think they do a better job with that at Sunnyside/LIC location. The guatita is pretty good there too. My go-to dishes at the Woodhaven branch though are the cazuela (fish, shrimp, or seafood versions are all available) and the skirt steak. They manage to cook it perfectly as requested and for $15 it's a huge steak.

          Interesting that we both tried it because of "2slices" post 6 years ago.

          1. re: el jefe

            ...and now, as it turns out, it looks like I will be traveling to Ecuador in a few months. Booking this week.... Interested to see how our NYC places stack up.

          2. re: Silverjay

            Agreed, the Colombians are out numbered in venues that is.

            I like the music similar to the Mexican places in El Barrio. They do singing and play Ecuadorian tunes as well as merengue and bachata. Elvis Crespo gets the party going.

            El Dorado is for the conservative folks as I do not think they do the music beer thing in evening.