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Jul 15, 2013 01:39 PM

Please critique my 'old favourites' (London) for this weekend

Hello folks

Am in London for a few nights from this Saturday

Current itinerary as follows

Sat evening - concert at Somerset House so have booked Terroirs for 18.00
Sunday - heading to Spitalfields market/Whitechapel area - where is good for lunch ? Used to go to Canteen but that was years ago.

Sunday evening - as staying in Tower Hill and weather forecast good have booked Pizarro - half hour walk across the bridge and great food when I was last there ( end of last year ). Is it still a good choice ?

Monday - Tate Britain - where for lunch round those parts ? Any decent pubs or other al fresco places ? Or even a decent deli to grab some picnic supplies ?

Monday evening - have booked Vinoteca - Soho branch on Beak Street - still worth a visit ?

Tuesday day - may head over to V&A, Serpentine gallery - anywhere particular there for good picnic supplies or a decent s ?

Tuesday evening - concert at Village Undergound -EC2A 3PQ. Any good pre gig haunts ? - as you will see from list above I tend to favour relaxed mid price or cheapish places rather than any high end nonsense.

All help and thoughts gratefully received. If any of my choices are now rubbish ,please let me know !


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  1. PS - Village Underground website food recs are..... we suggest Tay Do on Kingsland Road or Ruby's on Hoxton Square.

    Any thoughts ?

    Usually i would steer clear of such sponsorship !

    Thanks again

    1. I can help you for the East based stuf...
      For lunch at Spitalfields, you could try St John Bread and Wine. You are also a short walk from Shoreditch where there's been loads of new openings recently - Beagle, under the arches behind the Geffrey Museum, Beard to Tail on Curtain Road, Monikers on Hoxton Square, all would be good bets for lunch.

      Pre-gig any of those places above, or the excellent Rotary Bar and Dinner, not far at all from Village Underground on City Road. Or you could do the burger thing at Meat Mission behind Hoxton Square, or Master and Servant, also on Hoxton Square.

      1. You've got loads of choices near Village Underground as you are in Shoreditch, lots of mid-rangey offers. Pizza East is nearby, and great. There's a Dishoom if you want curry, or Yalla Yalla's pop up is there. You could go to the bar at Hawksmoor Spitalfields which is not too bad price-wise. On the Kingsland Road there are loads of Vietnamese places, including Tay Do.

        1. If you're looking for picnic supplied for your V&A visit I would suggest visiting La Cave near South Ken tube for some cheese and then getting some bread from the French bakery which if I remember is near the French Institute , I think it's Harrington Road.

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          1. re: Paprikaboy

            Fortunately, that abomination of a bakery (Bagatelle) is no more. It was replaced by a sandwich place which, following in the footsteps of the previous tenant, has also gone bust.

            La Cave for cheese, or even full sandwiches, and a baguette from Paul. You could pop over to La Bottega on Old Brompton to get pre-prepared food or some charcuterie to go with the bread and cheese (not recommending food there, just know it exists).

            For desert, goto Aux Merveilleux de Fred and get the best meringues in London. Very cool spot.

          2. "I tend to favour relaxed mid price or cheapish places rather than any high end nonsense," he said, sanctimoniously, to a forum populated by those who spend an inordinate amount of money on said cuisine.

            Pizarro great choice, as is the other one Jose, or Zucca for Italian in the area.

            Near Tower Bridge there are a few pubs called the Draft House which sell loads of international beers. One of the better beer pubs in London, though as the chain has expanded the selection is slightly less robust, and the draft choices slightly less adventurous, albeit still good.