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Jul 15, 2013 01:16 PM

What's for Low-Carb Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? #2

Well, the old thread was almost at 400 posts, so I figured it was time for #2! DH took his daughter home this weekend, so I mostly just drank wine and ate cheese (perfectly low-carb!) to celebrate the fact that I didn't have to provide a healthy meal for anyone! DH is now working with a friend of his from high school who is a personal trainer and diet coach, so he's on a fairly strict moderate carb regimen, which requires him to eat small servings of carbohydrates at specific times (scheduled around his workouts). It's a bit boring (made more so by the fact that DH is really trying to eat "clean," so he's avoiding condiments and anything else that might help make the meals interesting), but it does seem to be working - he's down 8 lbs in the first week. His goal is to look like Joe Mangiamello by the time I get back from my gig at the end of August, or so he says (lucky me, right???) :)

Anyway, given those parameters, dinner tonight for me will probably be some leftover qeema inside an omelet, or perhaps a grilled flank steak with preserved lemon butter and roasted broccoli. It's hot as hades in NYC right now, though, so I'm guessing the leftovers will win. DH already has some leftover chicken and orzo for his moderate carb meal, so I'll leave him to it!

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  1. And in hell, it's a dry heat, which is better than the Northeast right now!

    Tuna salad serve on a bed of arugula and romaine...tuna with finely minced onion and celery. Unsweetened ice tea with lots of lemon for me. Fizzy water and lemon for H.

    Leftover marinated mushrooms/mixed olives and some good pickles from weekend deli tray will go w/ the tuna.

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      Seriously, I think I would trade hell for the subway tunnels in NYC right now. Miserable.

      Speaking of which, it is too hot to countenance the idea of eating ANYTHING, really, so I've been having iced coffee for breakfast. I tried the cold-brew method the other day, but I wasn't a huge fan - I thought the coffee was pretty weak tasting, and it used a TON of beans for a very skimpy yield - almost two cups of beans for just four cups of water, which maybe yielded three cups of coffee once it was filtered. Luckily turning on the coffee maker doesn't heat the house too much, so I brewed up a regular pot and added a few shots of espresso to it, which will provide lovely iced coffees for the rest of this hideously hot week, if DH doesn't drink it all on me.

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        +1 once in a while I will do the old school method...brew a pot of coffee extra strong (using the old percolator), and pour slooowwly into a pitcher with some ice; put in fridge and when I get home from work, aahhhhhh

        1. re: pinehurst

          I use my one cup Melitta pour over with several scoops of coffee over a 17 oz ice tea glass filled with ice. Fill from the tea kettle.

        2. re: biondanonima

          I can identify, my ancient Capresso thermal carafe coffeemaker died this week, & I ran out & replaced it w/ a bare bones Mr. Coffee, because I'm not a coffee connoisseur, I just use leftover coffee in my iced protein shakes. I still mourn the Capresso....

          1. re: biondanonima

            It's the grind of your beans. If you grind yourself in handheld they will never get fine enough, they have to be like dust! I had starbucks grind my beans on "turkish"- it is a game changer. The grounds are like powdered sugar. I used 3/4c grinds with 3cups water for my cold brew and its crazy intense.

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              Interesting - the instructions I've been reading online said that a coarse grind is best. Maybe I'll buy some ground "Turkish" and try again!

        3. Tonight I'm doing a minimum clean up meal. I got a halibut steak for H (its texture and mildness are "meaty" enough for him) and mackerel for me, and I'm putting the fish in foil packets with veggies (prob tomatoes, onion, garlic, summer squash), pats of butter, s&p, and will do them grilltop.

          I might have to do some smashed cauliflower to pour the packet juice over. In my old life, I would have sopped it up with good bread, but poured over cauliflower sounds good too.

          1. last night's dinner was delicious. I have a serious addiction to vinegar and last night was no exception. Well, I really wanted blue cheese and vinegar so SO whipped up a seared skirt steak salad with blue cheese vinaigrette. I was ravenously hungry so the appetizer was a simple fridge dive of turkey and ham slice with Havariti cheese which I also remember snacking on this morning :)

            1. Does anyone have or remember that cauliflower pizza crust recipe that was posted a few weeks ago?

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              1. re: fldhkybnva

                I don't have the exact recipe, but I've made LC cauliflower crusts many times - it's just "riced" cauliflower (grated on the large holes of a box grater and then lightly steamed), cheese (usually a combo of parm and mozzarella), an egg and seasoning. Here's a version:


                1. re: biondanonima

                  Great, thanks so much. Have you ever tried to prepare ahead and freeze it?

                2. re: fldhkybnva

                  Make sure you really get ALL of the water out of the cauliflower when you bake it, otherwise, it takes forever and the edges will start to burn before the center is dry enough.

                3. My local, cheap, middle-American supermarket surprised me this week by having fresh sardines, veal sweetbreads, and chicken hearts AND gizzards by the pound! I made sardine ceviche (over sliced tomatoes with ricotta and arugula pesto), poached-then-sauteed sweetbreads, and chicken stock. (Also they told me they can get beef suet with a day's advance notice - mincemeat in my future!)