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Jul 15, 2013 01:04 PM

Sushi Bella on Davie in Vancouver

I think that this place just opened in downtown fairly recently and was just wondering how it is. Looking for a downtown sushi place for a Sunday evening dinner for 5 people.

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    1. Sushi Bella is a small chainlet -- can't comment on their food as I haven't tried any of the outposts.

      I quite like Juno Sushi, also on Davie and open Sunday:

      Miko on Robson remains my top choice for sushi a la carte downtown but it is pricey.

      1. I agree with grayelf, on Juno and Miko.

        In the trendy and more expensive group both Miku and Minami (sister restaurants) would be options. Stick to the sushi bar and in particular the aburi items.

        Tsuki sushi bar near Rogers Arena is in line with Juno. Very good sushi and the unique thing about them is they don't employ a deep fryer at their restaurant. I like their Kani special roll (they use fresh crab and it's tasty).

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          Thanks for the heads up re Tsuki, Moyenchow. I really enjoyed their crab chawanmushi and kinoko ae on the way home from work tonight.

          1. re: À la carte

            Hmmm, crab chawan mushi? And kinoko ae? I take it these were specials as I don't see them on the website menu. But I do see ankimo for $5. May have to take the pater...

            1. re: grayelf

              They have alot of specials that are more traditional cooked Japanese dishes (for example: Black cod, chawan mushi, and more specialized cuts of fish). Unfortunately the only way to know about them is to show up at the restaurant. I wish they would make better use of their twitter account for their specials.

              I usually rotate between Tsuki and Zero One for sushi lunches. Tsuki has been great for me before a concert or a game at either Rogers Arena or BC Place.

              1. re: grayelf

                ...and they have ebi chawanmushi for the crab-averse. If you do go, make a reservation (I think they take them). It is a small space and was packed mid-week.

                1. re: À la carte

                  Thanks for that! I am less crab-averse than I used to be but I fear after so many years of avoiding it, I just don't appreciate it properly. I should leave it to the many who love it. What else was in the chawanmushi, a la? Dare I hope for a gingko nut or two?

                  1. re: grayelf

                    No gingko nuts, but some nice shimeji (I think) mushrooms and spinach. I liked the consistency and flavour of the custard -- not quite Kimura-like but pretty darn good.

                    1. re: À la carte

                      LOL, I was going to ask if there was any bacon fat present ; -).

          2. Unfortunately, Sushi Bella is not as good as it should be. I think their specialty rolls and sushi pizza are decent but the sashimi, the ruler by which any sushi place should be judged, is sooo poorly cut. It's not as good as Miko, Juno or Minami.

            1. The original Sushi Bella is in North Van, across from my office, so a number of us go there a lot. I haven't been to the one on 4th in Kits, so I can't comment on it, and the one on Davie is in my neighbourhood - I have tried it a couple of times. I find the one in North Van to be better. The Davie location is hit or miss. I enjoy the specialty rolls and agedashi tofu trio.