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Food/Foodie related items I should request from South Africa

My daughter is going to South Africa. Is there some food/foodie related item I should request? I have requested rooibos tea. And she is bringing back some dried biltong. Anything else? Thanks in advance

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  1. Those are good ones. Others you might want to try:
    Maybe droewors? (same vein as biltong - dried sausage)
    Mrs Balls chutney

    1. Beware biltong and dreid meat even vacum packed can be confiscated and the carrier fined.

      1. The best food item I brought home a few years ago was Rozendal vinegar. Outstanding. (Does anyone know a Capetown source for these products?)


        Also: Bottled peri-peri (piri piri) sauce.

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          Not sure about where to find the vinegar, but in the US World Market stocks Nando's peri-peri sauce, Mrs. Balls chutney (some branches, and interestingly, she was a Canadian) and occasionally Lunch Bars. The birdseye chilis used for peri-peri can sometimes be found as Thai chili's here also.

        2. Thanks all. She leaves this coming Sunday

          1. If you're living in America, have her bring back some Twix or Kitkats or other chocolate bars. Ours are definitely superior in taste, and yes I know it's not a "foodie" thing but it will make you never want to eat an American Kitkat again.

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              Here's another idea: Lime and Soda is a very popular non-alcoholic drink, using soda water and bottled lime juice. But the Roses's Lime JuiceI saw in CapeTown was made with real sugar, and was far superior to the product sold under that name in the US.

              I plan to bring home, or ship home, a few bottles. It is easy to ship home a carton of things from one of the many PostNet offices.

            2. I would add:
              - a bottle of good (e.g. Kanonkop) Pinotage
              - ostrich biltong (if customs doesn't confiscate it)
              - pearl salt
              - birdseye/ peri-peri chillies
              - lunch bar chocolates
              - dried fruit rolls (esp. guava and peach). These are remotely related to fruit leather in the US.

              1. I'm headed to South Africa in a few weeks and was wondering what your daughter brought back.

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                  I am headed that way in a few weeks, too. I will be in Capetown for about one week and would like to learn of good sources for local foods, like the ones mentioned here, to bring home...

                  Where should I look for that salt, and for the Rozendal vinegar, in Capetown? Would it be worthwhile spending a few hours on Saturday at the Old Biscuit Mill market? Any other markets for local foods?

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                    I'll keep an eye out and post when I get back. We're leaving Sept. 25 and returning Oct. 4.

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                      The pearl salt is sold under the Khoisan brand, and can be found at most major supermarkets (e.g. SPAR and Pick & Pay).

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                      I used to bring Amarula and ridiculous quantities of excellent local wine, it was very cheap then, but things changed a bit.. Still the wine is crazy good there and fairly cheap. Other things - spices, especially madagascar peppercorns.