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Jul 15, 2013 12:35 PM

Places you haven't tried yet but can't wait to eat and drink at. .

For me, it's the Blind Burro. .looks so fun and festive with a great menu and fab drinks!

George's CA Modern TBL3

The Hake

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  1. +1 on Blind Burro - trying it this week.
    Want to revisit 1500 Ocean so see what the new Chef has created.
    Ditto on La Villa when Chef Sinsay settles in.
    Blue Ribbon Rustic Kitchen in Hillcrest.
    Magnolia Tap and Kitchen.
    Acme Kitchen and Bar.
    New tapas place coming to La Jolla from the owner of El Agave.

    1. Oh, and how could I have left off Matt Gordon's Sea and Smoke!

      1. +1 on the Hake. Maybe I should have lunch there with the BeachChick.