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Jul 15, 2013 12:20 PM

Places I'd like to say a few nice things about...

I'm new to the area, and am very happy with what I've found, food wise. Not only have do I love the desert and friendly people, but the sheer variety of food available both for dining out and cooking at home. I've only got 4 months under my belt, so if you have anything to suggest to me, please do. Here are some favorites:

Overall restaurant: China Magic Noodle House. Fried noodles with spicy beef in XO sauce. Love, love, love!

Thai: My favorite cuisine. Lots of good little places around, but my favorite is Thai Basil in Ahwatukee. It's close to me and consistently good. Everything I've tried tasted authentic and is made with care. Nice atmosphere.

Pizza: I love a New York Style slice. Vincent's in Ahwatukee makes a damn good one.
Pizza chain: Oregano's. Huge menu, good service. Cute Atmosphere.

Chandler sit down restaurant: Beaver Choice. Fantastic schnitzel! Casual and fun.

Sit down with a view: Alchemy at Copperwynd. Gorgeous. And fantastic service.

Grocery: AJ's fine food. I love this place. Obviously, if I did all my shopping here, I'd be broke. But for some things here and there, it's great.

I'm sure in the coming months, I can add a lot of places to my list. I look forward to more eating :)

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  1. For Thai, Yupha's Thai Kitchen is very good.

    1. Thanks, alliegator... I"m particularly glad you found your way to Beaver Choice and China Magic. Along the lines of the latter, be sure to check out Chou's and Miu's (primarily for the Sichuan portion of the menu) in that same neck of the woods.

      I hadn't even heard of Alchemy... have to have a look!

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        Btw, I've joined your board, looks like a great resource for a newbie here like me to connect and gain some knowledge :)

      2. Thanks, both of you, for the recs. Yupha's has been mentioned to me before, I need to get there soon. And I do love me some Sichuan!
        Dmnkly, if you find yourself at Alchemy, the pork Osso Bucco is superb. But everything there looks good.

        1. Another good source for southeast valley spots is "mouth by southwest"

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