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Jul 15, 2013 11:49 AM

Need a little help rounding out the trip.

5 nights at La Pavillion in New Orleans CBD upcoming soon and I have hammered out most of the details but had a few holes to fill and was wondering if you all might have a few suggestions. Quick bio, two couples 28-31 from Boston and NYC we will be walking cabing or streetcaring. Lunch and Dinners I believe I have well covered.

Breakfast / Brunch has seemed to elude my research so far. I see that Merchant is close to my hotel and we could pop in there for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I also like Atchafalaya for brunch with the bloody mary bar on either Saturday or Sunday. Would be looking for another weekend brunch option and breakfast for a few of the other mornings. Is there a stand out coffee shop anywhere? Really enjoyed Intelligentsia in Chicago.

Something else that would be a big help is a good place to grab a snack late sometime after midnight on our way back to the hotel.

Happy Hour is something very foreign to myself being from Massachusetts where having fun is illegal. Any suggestions for good places to stop in for some cold drinks to cool us off from July on the cheap? We plan to mix things up and go to Cure, Arnauds French 75 and the likes for some good cocktails later on at night but some bargains during the day would be great.

Thanks for any help. Cant wait to eat my way across your city from Dante's Kitchen to the Joint!

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  1. Your hotel (real name : Desoto) is not far from the Roosevelt which houses Domenica. I don't know as his pizza would wow Boston and almost certainly not New Yorkers(although it has been hard for me to get NY pizza like we had when I was boy anwwhere in manhattan) but lots of the side dishes are good (brussel sprouts area favorite of mine). it is better Itallian type stuf than many places. I don't know if they have a happy hour because I don't go there but Walk Ons just also down the street from you, almost to the Superdome. IT has ten million TVs and 5 million beers. Think Cask and Flagon in its expanded form and you've got the idea..

    In the Quarter I usually take people to Lafite's for drinks. it has a old time feel to it. Arnaud's bar is very nice. Pat O'Briens BEFORE the evening crowd can be very pleasant. And we are all trying to support Tujacque's inasmuch as it dodged extinction earlier this year. Antoine's Hermes Bar has been a big hit locally, too.

    I think most people would steer brunch toward Commander's and they do it well. I almost never have breakfast "out" so someone else will have to swing at that pitch.

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      Pizza can be so very personal, and also regional, that I hesitate to even talk about it.

      However, I do know what I enjoy, and have never lived in Chicago, or NYC. Such is life.

      Dominica's did come through for us, but then, we did not have specific regional ideas, before hand. To me, good is good.

      Not being THAT much of a bar person, I tend to go to the Carousel Bar, at the Monteleone Hotel, but again, that is just me.


      1. re: hazelhurst

        hazelhurst thank you for the quick reply. in hindsight i probably should have listed the places i already planned to go because domenica and commanders would have been on it. Lafites and Antoines look good and we will probably pop into those while we are in town.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          check out Pizza Delicious in Bywater for authentic NY-style pizza. start with a plain cheese (the true test), 18" for $12 or so. place was started by two NY natives, who raised $20k on Kickstarter due to their pilot program's popularity with pizza lovers like myself and my father, who made pizza for a living in Brooklyn. it's a trying to get off the treadmill of eating it three times a week (fresh on Sundays, leftovers during the week).

        2. Breakfast/brunch options on the casual side: Stanley, Elizabeth's, Satsuma (uptown or Marigny), Ruby Slipper (three diff locations).

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          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            showed the group the menus and ruby slipper won out, thanks celeste!

            1. re: everett.p

              Try the "Coffee Pot" for breakfast ... unique ... right next to Pat O's on St Peter street

              1. re: FileMan

                +1 for The Coffee Pot, but then I go back to the days, when it was Maxie's Coffee Pot.

                Next, I like Stanley for breakfast, and finally, the Windsor Court, but that is different.



          2. Atchafalaya is great for brunch. Make reservations as the wait can be long. You might want to check out Apolline or Dante's kitchen for brunch. Sorry, just noticed that you mentioned Dante's Kitchen already. Since you are probably going for dinner, you might want to choose somewhere else for brunch.

            There is a nice oyster happy hour at Luke. It is around the corner from La Pavillion.

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            1. re: Chulacat

              chulacat thanks for the tip on Luke, we will stop in there for sure!

              1. re: everett.p

                Luke is a good tip. It adds up in a hurry in there but the oysters always look good (I have not looked since the season ended for me but good providers can sometimes pull up some beauties in the worst of times. Still, summer raw oysters don't taste as good). He's got some good meat boards in there, too. It can get a bit loud but I always sit at the bar so I guess that is to be expected.

            2. if you like Atchafalaya's bloody mary bar, check out Tivoli & Lee on Lee Circle -- they have a BM bar as well and i actually think it's better. plus there is no crowd since it's still new.