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Bar Dogwood [Oakland]

Read an article about the windows being smashed and realized I hadn't heard of Bar Dogwood in Oakland.

Has anyone been and can share their experience?


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  1. They have good cocktails in a nice, rather small space. One of my favorite cocktail spots in Oakland.

    1. never tried it but house made charcuteries are a draw here.

      nice greyhounds here too.

      1. Nice, intimate bar for mixed drinks and ages as compared to Make Westing neaby which is bigger, younger, louder.

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            Thanks, I searched for Dogwood didn't find this post.

            1. re: Scott M

              It was more than a year ago, so unless you changed the default 12 month search setting, it would not come up.


          2. Dogwood is a relaxed intimate bar with great drinks that also serves high end Grilled sandwiches.

            More for the 30-55 crowd.

            One of Jerry Brown's favorite Oakland bars.

            1. Delicious cozy place. Yummy cocktails. They also have cheese and cured meats available on site. I'm going there tonight to support them after what happened on Saturday.

              1. Same owner-- Alexeis Filipello, as Stag's Lunchette. Both places serve the same killer grilled cheese sandwich.

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                  Ditto on the grilled cheese sandwich. Enjoyed the cocktails as well. Definitely quieter than Make Westing, but I think Make Westing is a bit more interesting.