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Jul 15, 2013 11:41 AM

Vegas Veterans Seeking New Place to Dine!

My DH and I go to Vegas 2 or 3 times a year. So we feel like we have "done it all" well except for Joël Robuchon, but we are saving that for a big anniversary or birthday, which this trip is neither of. We are staying at The Mirage this trip.

Places we've been:
Craftsteak (Love!)
Bouchon (we love it so much!)
Burger Bar (fave!)
LOS (I thought it was over rated, but we did the buffet)
Wolfgang Puck at MGM
Raos (not a fave)
Sushi Samba
Stack at Mirage (my husband went while on a business trip)
Otto Enoteca Pizzeria (meh)
Olives @ The Bellagio - we loved it more for the patio
PUB Todd English - Love love it for the lobster rolls and the oysters

We are seeking a new dinning experience for dinner that we haven't been to, but that is worth the $$ and hopefully under $200 w/tip cocktail and tax for both of us. I reallllyyyy want some foi gras on this trip since we don't get it out here in LA/OC. We will have a car, since we drive in from OC. And we are going to the Neon Museum one day, so maybe lunch or breakfast in that area would be great. Oh and NO BUFFETS! We did Bacchanal and although good, not worth it.

oh and what do you guys think of that Naked Pizza place from Diners Drive Ins and Dives?


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  1. How about Raku? Raku is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in a form of charcoal grilling called robatayaki. It offers other items as well. If you're the adventuresome type, there are a number of daily specials that are invariably good. This is off-Strip; reservations are necessary.

    I think it would meet your criteria:
    1. Price should be no problem. With a drink, tax and tip, you'll probably spend around $75/person, although it could range from $50 to $100 per person.
    2. Raku offers foie gras in several forms. The most familiar form is grilled foie gras with a soy glaze; it tastes much like a traditional French preparation. Delicious! There's also steamed foie gras egg custard, and foie gras donburi (on a bed of rice).

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    1. re: Larry

      I was thinking of Raku! This place seems to get lots of love on here. Do you know if they are open for lunch?

      What would you recommend prior to a show? Saturday night we have tickets to see Zumanity @ NYNY and wanted something on the strip for that evening as well.

      1. re: ocfrugalfoodie

        Raku is not open for lunch. Jerry's Nugget is close to the Neon Boneyard. They actually have an excellent coffee shop. Also close by is Triple George Grill. Two restaurants that are off the Strip that, as a local, that I enjoy are Rincon de Buenos Aires on Spring Mountain Rd. and Shish Kabob House on West Flamingo Rd.

        1. re: Eric

          Eric, I don't want to oversell it, but I completely agree about Shish Kabob House, a place I had never tried until recently. I think that Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean food (e.g., Greek, Turkish) food is rather weak in Las Vegas, so SKH was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't too impressed with the Middle Eastern appetizer spreads, but the entree plates were simple and delicious.

          Most of the entrees follow the same format: protein; rice; and green salad. All of these are well-executed. The greens and vinaigrette are fresh and bracing; the rice is absolutely delicious (they taste like they are cooked in chicken stock and have some other secret ingredient); and all the proteins were well-marinated. I think the lamb chops are probably the stars of the show. They are a little emaciated, but the taste is there, and are the most expensive item on the menu at $14.95. The salmon portion is enormous. Our fish was a little overcooked, but my friends, regulars there, said this was an anomaly. The lula kabob was fine, but the chicken was dry and dull compared to the others.

          SKH often has live music. The weeknight we went, there was a keyboard player, and it is clear that SKH is a community center for Armenians in Las Vegas. I have heard complaints about the service at SKH, but our server couldn't have been sweeter or more efficient.

        2. re: ocfrugalfoodie

          Prior to the show? I'd consider Jaleo (Cosmopolitan) or Julian Serrano (Aria). Both are tapas bars; both are open early. I have a slight preference for Jaleo, but it's close enough that I could change my mind the next time I eat at them.

          1. re: Larry

            If you had to pick between the two which one would you choose?

            1. re: ocfrugalfoodie

              The reason I gave Jaleo the edge is that I preferred the food by a small margin -- but one visit each isn't really enough to make a good judgment. I also preferred the atmosphere at Jaleo; it was little livelier. However, one person's lively is another's noisy.

      2. Hi,

        We're from the LA area and also go to Vegas a few times a year. The last time we went, we tried Naked City Pizza. The pizza was great. The location is a bar, and was really crowded when we were there, so we got our pizza to go and had it in our hotel room. I would go again.

        LOS is one of our favorite places. You have to order off the menu. Their Thai beef salad is the best I have ever had. When we drive to Vegas, we time it so we get into town at lunch time and our first stop is LOS for lunch. Nam Kao tod, Thai beef salad and sticky rice with mango and coconut ice cream is a great start to a Vegas trip!

        We also like Todd's Unique in Henderson, Mesa Grill at Caesar's, Ping Pang Pong, Orchids Garden, Firefly, and all the restaurants we've tried at the Cosmopolitan.

        Currently planning our next trip and some of the places we want to try are the Barrymore, and one of Gordon Ramsay's places. I'd also love any recs for foie gras. Enjoy!

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        1. re: Michelle

          We enjoyed Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris. Also liked the Cosmo restaurants.

          1. re: Michelle

            Agree with Michelle. If you look at previous threads on LOS, the most common comment is "Order from the menu". The buffet is just OK; the menu is in another league.

            If you like Burger Bar, you might want to check out Bachi Burger.

          2. Have you seen QAW's posts about Yonaka? It's #1 on my list of new places to try.

            Have you been to Chada Thai? It's well within your budget and has an excellent wine selection.

            1. We're out here right now and just had a wonderful dinner at Bouchon. Tomorow, I think it's going to be CUT which we enjoy (although the hubby is lobbying hard for STK instead). We've never tried Table 10 in the Palazzo, but checked out the menu today, and I think we'll try it Thursday or Friday. The other two I'd like to try are RM Seafood and Pub 1842.

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              1. re: jbsiegel

                Hope this isnt too late, but I went to STK for a bachelorette party and we loved it! The service was spot on and the best part was the foi gras french toast