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Jul 15, 2013 11:35 AM

Long August Weekend in Boston, food plans

Any mistakes or places we'll be sorry we missed?

Friday, late lunch: Neptune Oyster
Friday, dinner: Oleana
Saturday, breakfast: Oak Long Bar
Saturday, dinner: Bergamot
Sunday, brunch: Island Creek Oyster
Sunday, dinner: barbecue at a friend's
Monday, early breakfast: ? someplace we can walk to from our hotel off the Commons. Suggestions, please

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  1. So far, my experiences at Oak Long Bar haven't been special, but they've certainly been fine.

    For Monday, what kind of breakfast are you looking for? I do enjoy Capitol Coffee House - a quintessential greasy spoon with a great egg sandwich.

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    1. re: addiez

      Any Saturday brunch suggestions other than Oak Long Bar? I think we will probably be hanging out in the city, shopping and maybe visiting a museum. But, we will have our car with us.

      1. re: Taralli

        I'd also add Brasserie Jo on Huntington Ave. into the mix for breakfast. Opens at 6:30 a.m.

        1. re: bear

          Thanks. Great menu, but Paramount and Beacon Hill are a bit closer though. And, we're leaving for Ogonquit that morning.

          1. re: middleagedfoodie

            Well, you sure can't beat Charles St. early in the morning! I think you'll be happy at either the Paramount or Beacon Hill. Paramount is more casual and has a wider menu, so that appeals to me. Beacon Hill Bistro is a bit more spacious and conducive to lingering. The food is very good at both places, so it just depends what you want.

            Have a great trip, and enjoy Ogunquit!

        2. re: Taralli

          Both those menus look good and neither is too far from our hotel on Tremont on the side of the Commons. Thanks.

        3. That's a great list. My one thought, is Bergamot could maybe get replaced. I don't love the place (it is still good, don't get me wrong). I much prefer places like Rendezvous and West Bridge in that general area.

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          1. re: mkfisher

            I looked at Rendezvous and West Bridge. Rendezvous doesn't look like my kind of menu, but West Bridge looks very interesting. If we end up at Bergamot, it will be my own fault, but the menu looks great. Can't say I wasn't warned. Thanks.

            1. re: middleagedfoodie

              I don't think there's any reason to warn you off Bergamot. Great service, interesting cocktails, nice food. It can tend toward smaller sized portions (I think they're actually gotten a bit bigger) but an overall excellent experience IMHO. It's a more relaxing experience than your other spots so that might be a plus. West Bridge def. has more action if that appeals.

              1. re: middleagedfoodie

                another vote for west bridge. :)

                curious about your oak long bar decision?

                i have always found the food at the bristol to be better, if you're looking for a hotel setting.

                1. re: middleagedfoodie

                  I've eaten at Bergamot and West Bridge twice each. They're both great. Bergamot is more chill, West Bridge is more of a scene. You won't go wrong with either.

              2. I'd opt out of Oak Long Bar, maybe swap in a café, some thing like Café Pompei or Paradisio in the North end. Also, consider going to Island Creek twice over Neptune.

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                1. re: treb

                  OP is posting about breakfast at the Oak Long Bar so maybe that's where they are staying.

                  If not much better breakfasts abound.

                  1. re: C. Hamster

                    Nope. Not staying there. All the meh opinions about this place are making me think twice. We're actually staying at the Kimpton Nine Zero on Tremont. I picked the Oak Long Bar because the menu looked varied, it isn't too far from our hotel and Zagat gave it a pretty high rating.

                    1. re: middleagedfoodie

                      Go to Charlie's, mikes, paramount or the Busy bee for a diner breakfast

                      If you want high end consider the Bristol Lounge at the four seasons or the cafe at the Taj.

                2. Back from our trip. We ended up with a late lunch of oysters at Island Creek on Friday. Excellent. I really liked the way the place looked. We had headed in that direction to shop Newbury, so Neptune wasn't convenient.

                  Friday dinner at Oleana was very good and satisfied our cravings for lots of things that were quite unique, at least to us.

                  Saturday breakfast at Oak Long Bar was, though a hotel breakfast and very expensive, good. The people watching on Copley Square was fun and the crabcake benedict, though a little too soft, was delicious with not only a decent hollandaise served on the side, but also a non-traditional aioli. The service was very slow, but we were entertained by the people watching.

                  We had another late, light lunch at Sam's upstairs from Louis of Boston in the harbor. More oysters and a very good halibut crudo washed down with a delicious sparkling rose. I'm sure this is not a Chow-love, but a real scene for out-of-towners.

                  We really liked Bergamot. Great service. My husband had chicken cooked under a brick that was incredibly moist and flavorful. The 3 courses for $39 is a quite a bargain.

                  Sunday morning, we actually got a table at Flour and had the best fast food breakfast sandwich I've ever tasted.

                  Both lunch and dinner Sunday were adequate. We ended up in the North End at our usual late lunch hour. Neptune was packed, with an hour wait and we were starving. We ended up at a tiny, Italian on Hanover called Carmelina's and shared a decent plate of calamari frite with lots of hot cherry peppers in the mix.

                  We were dead tired Sunday night, so we opted for Marliave because it is down the street from the hotel we stayed at. It wasn't the most memorable meal of our trip, but the beet salad we shared and an order each of steak frite, were a nice find on a sleepy Sunday night.

                  Our final meal in Boston, Monday morning was coffee and a shared muffin and scone at l'Aroma on Newbury. Considering it is a coffee shop with pretentions, the coffee was surprisingly weak. The scone and muffin were quite a bit better, luckily.

                  Thanks Boston hounds for sharing your opinions with this Philly girl.

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                  1. re: middleagedfoodie

                    thanks for the report back!

                    i actually like sam's. it had a very rocky start with a chef not quite up to the task, but owner/foh manager extraodinaire esti parsons does a bang-up job and the food has improved a lot. glad you liked it.