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Jul 15, 2013 11:15 AM

RamenLab Popup: did anyone go?


Sorry I didn't realize this was old as it was on this weekend's LAT email blast. Did anyone go? How was it?

Ramen Lab at the Playground takes place on Friday and Saturday starting at 6 p.m., with 150 servings per night of half-portion ramen for $10 ($5 side dishes).

The Playground, 220 E. 4th St., No. 102, Santa Ana, (714) 560-4444,

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    1. re: blimpbinge

      you are so right. saw it in my inbox this morning from LAT...sigh...

      1. re: kevin

        It's over. Even if you wanted to go, you can't.

        I attempted on the 5th, but I got there too late (late being 15min before it opened), and I didn't want to wait in the 40-ish person line as I had somewhere else to be later that evening.

      2. Was at PG this weekend. They had an oxtail ramen. Tempting but we got 2nd and 3rds of the brisket khao soi and the perfectly cooked skirt steak and forgot the ramen by the end of the night. Grilled white peaches with burrata was also a big hit. As always, the fried chicken was a must. Ordered the porchetta but somehow never made it to the table.

        Have tried several versions of their ramen (duck, pork, etc.). The broth is decent, egg is runny and delicious, the noodles are gummy and soft. Not sure why. Maybe they overcook it. If only they could make their ramen chewy and not stuck together, it'd actually be a very good bowl of ramen.