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Jul 15, 2013 10:40 AM

Cote du Rhone - available in Texas - wedding?

We are having a wedding, like many posters, but I have a very specific question so hopefully someone can help me out. It is a buffet serving a number of foods so I am not so interested in pairings. Instead, I thought we should just serve the wine we like (that has wide appeal). My fiancee and I have gone wine tasting together in a number of regions over the years, but the region surrounding Avignon has definitely been our favorite.

For the wedding, I don't even think we need Rhone wines necessarily, but I do think Rhone style would be great. It's an October wedding so I think it will fit the time of year well. Does anyone have any suggestions for bottles that we could get in TX? I think the $12-$15 range is probably what we are looking at, though our budget is flexible.

Recs for white and sparkling also appreciated :) For white, I think we'll go sauvignon blanc (maaaybe pinot grigio?). For sparkling, I only care that it is not too sweet! So many weddings recently have had sweet champagnes - I think to stand up to the cake, but I prefer my champagne to stand alone!

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  1. Texas is kinda large. In Houston Spec's is king and they may have branched out to some of the smaller cities.

    1. It turns out they're also in Austin and Dallas. Very good selection, at least in Houston.

      1. I know of a Texas winery that focuses on Rhone style wines and their prices so happen to fit exactly in your price range. McPherson Winery located in the High Plains of Texas has a Red Rhone Style blend called Tre Colore and a White blend called Les Copains.

        The Red Blend consist of Carignan (27%), Mourvedre (62%) and a white wine, Viognier (11%). The White blend called the Les Copains is a proprietary blend so I couldn't find the percentages of grapes online. Calling their tasting room or emailing their wine maker might be able to get you more information, all the information I found comes directly from their website.

        Both blends are listed at $14 a bottle on their website and can be found at your local specs as well as some Market Streets. Hope the information helped and congratulations on your big day.

        --Chris UU of the Cellar Reserve Wine Show

        1. I can buy good CdR's for 4-5 euros ($6). So you can surely find them for Under $10 near you.

          For a versatile white I'd recommend a drier Riesling or a white CdR.

          Sparkling - Gruet from NM.

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            Good old Guigal Cotes du Rhone is pretty widely available, at very competitive prices. Maybe not a "WOW" wine, but definitely reliable. In both red and white. Also Perrin Family's La Vieille Ferme.

            Ditto the Gruet (from New Mexico) for sparkling. Crazy low price for how tasty it is. (shouldn't run you more than $15 a bottle. I get it here for $13.)

            1. re: ChefJune

              Yep, Guigal, Also P Jaboutlet Ainé.

              And Old Farm too - (Cotes de) Ventoux, I think.

              Just getting into your nifty cookbook. Will write more later, but the presentation is tops.

              Amazing to me how much we think alike.

            2. re: collioure

              In the US, CdR Blancs will likely be harder to find - either Northern, or Southern. Red CdR's will be much easier to locate, but probably not at those price-points. Unfortunately, that is just how it is here.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Ahhh, but I remember loading up on cases of the red (and a case or two of the white) 1978 CdR from Guigal . . . well, OK, probably one case each of the 1978 and 1979 for the CdR blanc. Damn! That was a great wine, and at $3.99, a great value, too!

                My last 1978 CdR rouge was popped open in 1998, and served blind -- most people thought it was a St.-Joseph or Cornas . . . and NO ONE could believe it was a 20-year old CdR!

            3. Thanks guys, this is a great start for me. I am really intrigued by the Gruet idea. I need to convince my parents that they don't need to spend large amounts of money here to get perfectly acceptable quality beverages and then I will be good to go! (Perhaps this happens more often than I realize, but this is a case where the bride is definitely the more cost-concious and her mother is not-so-much!)

              The idea of going Texan is really cool so thanks for that CellarReserve. I may consider putting a bottle in guest welcome bags!