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Jul 15, 2013 10:02 AM

Brunch and Sunday Night Dinner-Nashville

My birthday is coming up at the end of August (yes I like to plan ahead) and I want some delicious eats and drinks to celebrate. I have lived in Nashville for almost 3 weeks so I def need some help. My plan is to go out to dinner Sat night, brunch Sunday then dinner again Sunday night. I work at Urban Grub so my plan is to go out there on Satuday for fun with the crew and eats and drinks there and then wonder about for the remainder of the evening. So I need help for Sunday. I am not a huge breakfast/brunch person but I LOVE bloodmarys so I would like to go somewhere with good day drinking and some good food that has more the eggs and waffles. For dinner on Sunday, I am looking for some delicious dinner. I love spice, creativity, and LOTS of flavor. My only "regulations" are mid-range price, variety in dishes (not just straight all american cuisine) and drinks (as long as there is beer I am happy). I am down for hole in the wall mexican or wine glass new american restaurant. So suggest away! Thanks.

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  1. I loved the brunch options at Husk. Lots of interesting items and a fantastic burger. You can most likely get in without a reservation at the bar if you wait it out. On the other hand, Husk isn't the type of place where you'd hangout all day for drinking.
    I would recommend Broadway Brewhouse in Midtown for great Sunday drinking. Most pints will be 2 for 1 on Sunday. It's not brunch food, but it will work for drinking. Try the mojo wings and ask them to bake it twice or the jerk chicken pizza. If you haven’t tried one yet in town, order a bushwacker.

    Tavern would be your best option for brunch and drinking. Great food, decent drinks, and decent service. Brewhouse happens to be next door if you felt like moving your party over.

    I love the Sunday Supper menu at City House. The menu changes frequently and is usually pork and pizza centric.

    Happy bday.

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      pete k, how do you feel about Past Perfect for Brunch, drinks seem to be good and food via yelp looks tasty.

      City House looks great for dinner, pork and pizza kinda seal the deal.

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        I'd agree that Tavern is probably your best bet from a brunch standpoint. As the name implies, it'll have your drinks covered, but it also has one of the best brunches in Nashville (something most people seem to agree on). The chef that just left did a lot of traveling to Singapore, so you'll see some Singaporean influenced dishes, as well as some other more unique options. I've never personally been to Past Perfect, though I suspect it's not going to be as unique as Tavern's. Personally, Tavern's my favorite place for brunch, though I do love that little muffin and biscuit basket at your place of employment.

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          Yes, the muffins and biscuits at Urban Grub are quite addicting, Tavern looks awesome, thanks!

    2. UPDATE: I am changing my plans for my bday. Urban grub after my shift Friday. Mad Donnas for Bloody Mary's Saturday AM (we are going skydiving Sunday AM so brunch is moved up) and Sushi (either Samuri or Ichiban) followed by ice cream on Sunday. So now I need a spot for dinner on Saturday. Here are places I am thinking:
      -Whiskey Kitchen
      -Rolf and Daughters

      Any opinions on my plan so far and where I should get dinner Satuday night? I don't have really have anything I really want I just don't want straight down home southern food. Maybe a little more unique or adventurous. Also if I should make reservations please let me know, THANKS!

      1. So now that this has already happened and you presumably have gotten settled in Nashville, if you had to do it over, what would have been the itinerary? I would love to try Husk and Urban Grub while visiting Nashville. Would you choose one for brunch and one for dinner? And what about Tavern?

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          Well the final itinerary went as follows:
          Friday: Urban Grub
          Saturday: Mad Donnas and Sardinia
          Sunday: Virago

          If I could re-do it I would still go to Urban Grub on Friday. Tavern for brunch on Saturday and probably either Rolf and Daughters or Husk for Dinner on Satuday. Then Sunday prolly fogatos for mexican