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Jul 15, 2013 09:57 AM

Asheville with restrictions--help needed

we are coming down to Asheville for the 1st time and looking for a place to take hubby's parents to dinner. need American menu (i.e., although Curate looks divine, it just will not fly!), not too adventurous, and not too loud. price not really an issue, but not so expensive that they will raise a huge fuss when we pick up the check.
something like the menu at Chestnut seems like it could work, but again, I am wondering about the noise level. also, probably the fewer stairs involved, the better. thanks!

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  1. We love Chestnut. I'm trying to remember how loud it is. I think I'd say "moderate"? We usually sit at the bar though, so not sure of noise level at tables although I doubt it would be much different. We had no trouble talking. I think it has one step, not sure?

    I'd suggest Posana though. Fairly "normal" menu, not too pricey and pretty quiet as I recall. I like the food there, I just like food at other places better, so we don't go often. I heard they recently redid the interior so I can't vouch for what it looks like right now, but a friend said they had done a good job. I think there is only one step to get in.

    Isa's Bistro has gotten some love lately (it's newish), but I haven't been yet so not sure of the noise level. Not sure if the menu is plain enough? You can check it out. Not sure of the stairs, but if you stay on the main level, it shouldn't be many if any.

    Lots of other restaurants are great, but either noisy or more adventurous menus. Will keep thinking.

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      I agree with the above suggestions. Rezaz or Fig in Biltmore Village would be two other good choices.

    2. What about the Junction? this menu is certainly creative, but it has riffs on some very basic things, like burger and fried chicken.

      And you still get some Asheville "hip"ness. Easy parking. And unless I'm very mistaken, there's a ramp all the way up to the restaurant.

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        I was going to suggest that one too because it's one of our favorites, but as I recall, it's fairly noisy in there?? We haven't been in awhile, so I may be wrong.

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          you've all given me such lovely-looking choices.
          guess we need to come down more often. :)
          (make MIL happy=bonus)

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            You might be right. I usually go at lunchtime. I think people probably aren't quite as tipsy/loud during the day. Also I often eat out on the patio.

            Unfortunately, they have discontinued Saturday lunch, so I don't know when I'll be back *sulk*.

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              Email me when you do. I need a road trip.