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Jul 15, 2013 09:19 AM

Montreal- a good bistro with classic French food Monday july 22

My hubby is taking his parents to Montreal for a day for the first time to see the wonderful city. His dad loves French food, could you please recommend a decently priced restaurant/ bistro (i.e. Mains 20-25) for dinner that serves good French food!!! Thank you for your help

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  1. I think L'Express is what you're looking for. It's many people's go-to for bistro-style food in Montreal and is in your price range.

    Another less central option would be Au Petit Extra.

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      These are great recommendations. You might also consider 3 Petits Bouchons, Quartier General (mains are pricier but 4-course meals are around $40 and it is BYOW), or Brasserie T.

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        I also like Lemeac. While only 4 mains on the current regular menu are $25 or less ( ), the $27 2 course (also including coffee/tea/tisane) prix fixe offered at 10 pm is a good deal, if one is willing to dine later.

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          Lemeac's after 10 deal is great value, the regular menu is at or above that price point but very well executed. It's a solid reliable choice and it looks the part.

      2. Check all Restaurants before you go as Monday's are traditionally a day off for French Restaurants. I know that L'express does not close on Monday's

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          All places recommended so far are open on Mondays.

        2. Thank you sooo much! The family ended up eating at L'express and loved it! I'll be coming down to Montreal in Fall for a purely foodie trip and I will definitely be canvassing this group for absolute must haves!!!