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Jul 15, 2013 09:15 AM

is craftsman and wolves better than tartine? [San Francisco]

Increasingly uninterested with waiting on lines outside of (the admittedly great) tartine, I have been hitting craftsmen and wolves. Former pastry chef of Quince and the owner of the defunct Tell Tale Preserve Co. Almost everything is really really good to great. I am sure that there have been reviews of C&W on this site, so everyone probably knows about 'the rebel within' which is so worth it. Delicious. The chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. All of the moist travel cakes are so, so good. I have been also getting their large cube cakes for occasions (and for no good reason at all). I also love their bread. Def. not the same as tartine, but with those lines at tartine, I will feel no sacrifice as I frequent C&W.

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  1. Very different styles. I know I enjoyed the banana cream pie at Tartine, but I can't think of anything for which I'd wait in line more than a couple of minutes, even though I know that everything made with quality ingredients. Maybe an unpleasant experience soured me on the place (a cut to the roof of my mouth from the too-hard crust of a sandwich.) Tartine serves simpler, heartier fare than C & W.

    Craftsman and Wolves is more my cup of tea. I enjoy the creativity and finesse. I had a delicious olive oil and raspberry cake the last time I was there, and the deviled eggs with chorizo marmalade were excellent.