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Oct 20, 2003 01:45 AM

Austin! city limits!

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I'll be traveling from San A. up to Austin and Fredericksburg for a coupla days the first part of Nov. (yes! first thursday in Austin! yahoo - or do I mean wee-haw?) - at any rate, a couple or three dining suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 1) single, female, not afraid of solo dining (or drinking, mindful that one must drive back to the hotel), 2) interested in indie/rock, blues, jazz, (and more) and 3) still in search of the perfect martini or ultimate wine bar and tapas or similar snacks. Any/all suggestions welcome. And many thanks.

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  1. I think that the South Congress "First Thursday" festival is highly overrated and it underwent a major anti-illegal alcohol sales bust by TABC last month that may put a damper on things. I'd hit Las Manitas for breakfast but especially for lunch on Friday for the shrimp enchiladas and try the bar at the South Congress Cafe any night for a smoked chicken stuffed blue corn crepe. The martinis there are vg also, although you can't beat a martini at the Four Seasons lobby and the people watching is great. My favorite music club in that area is the Continental Club, although Ego's is pretty funky and sometimes books great acts.

    1. If you're going to be here on Sunday, November 2nd, you should head out to the Backyard to see Belle & Sebastian (indie rock Gods)along with our very own Spoon (Austin's best band of the last 8 years or so). The Backyard is a great outdoor music venue--it rivals Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Boulder.

      For solo dining at dinner....Wink might be a little annoying and loud...never seen anyone go solo in 'bout Cafe Josie. It's a low key yet elegant place with some fo the best fish in town.

      For solo dining at can go anywhere...I second the vote for Las Manitas. Check the recommendations in earlier posts for suggestions.

      There is no perfect martini or wine bar in this town (that I know of). This town's about beer joints.

      For late night snacks...try Hoek's Pizza on 6th Street...Carl's hot dogs in the alley behind Antone's, or maybe Magnolia Cafe. Or Marco Polo if you want some interesting Chinese-style tapas.

      1. Malaga on 4th can't be beat for Spanish Tapas and they have a 1/2 price happy hour.