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Jul 15, 2013 06:48 AM

Lump Charcoal West of Boston

I'm looking for some lump charcoal convenient to the Natick/Wellesley area. Preferably something like Royal Oak as opposed to Cowboy. Has anyone spotted any out here? I'd prefer to avoid the drive to Watertown (Arax) or Brookline since I'm not often there.

I checked in at the Framingham Walmart, but they didn't have RO. NE Spas on Rt 9 in Natick has Wicked Good for something like $23/20lb, which is more than I'd like to spend.

I gather that Restaurant Depot carries RO, but I don't have access.

TIA for any leads.

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  1. I saw it at BJs the other day. I don't recall the brand.

    Also, try your local hardware store.

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    1. re: skippy66

      I have a bag from BJ's and its pretty good. Bettter than Cowboy.

      But the bag is so big that I am unable physically to pick it up!

    2. Restaurant Depot in Needham had Royal Oak on Friday. Whoops, sorry, saw the last line of your post. BBQ barn in Arlington, the Butcher in Coolidge Sq. Watertown, and Arax in Watertown are all locales with good charcoal.

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        New Deal has bags of Royal Oak if you are ever looking for great fish & charcoal.

      2. Based on this from itaunas in a similar thread a few years back, you may have some luck at one of the Brazilian markets in Framingham, especially butcher shops:

        1. Maybe too far for you, but got a big bag from Wegmans for $6.99. Have cooked with it nearly every day in July so far and burns hot and quick and clean.

          (Edit: Just looked online and apparently it's Royal Oak with the Wegmans' name attached.)

          1. Whole Foods in Framingham (and everywhere else) sells their own natural charcoal. It is excellent, and way better than Cowboy, which I bought in a pinch once.